Anchors Away - H&M Striped Dress

Hello Darlings, 

It was anchors away at D&G where messieurs Dolce and Gabbana took a dip in the azure waters of the French Riviera - Make that a long soak. They never do anything halfway, and this collection was no exception, from the first retro navy-striped maillot with a red anchor on the chest to the parade of dresses in pleated gold lamé and chiffon printed with nautical flags and sailor knots.

Drawing inspiration from this fun and absolutely beautiful collection,I decided to give a nautical look a try by downplaying it with a schoolboy blazer.

No Sleep = Looking Good

When you haven't slept for more than 4-5 hours in two weeks and survive on espresso and red bull, and have a weird buzzing noise in your head, and when nothing else matters AT LEAST TRY TO LOOK GOOD going into the exam .... that was my way of making myself feel like a girl and not a hermit :)
P.S. I wasn't cold since I drive to school and park right across the street :) and I wore tights... lol


Photobucket I am wearing: H&M Striped Dress - $34.99 Talula Wool Blazer - $148 Michael Kors Bootie - $230 Firenze Collection Bag - about $ 100-150 on sale ( I've had it forever) Diamond/Platinum Studs - sweet 16th gift from mommy and daddy Non- Mineralized Amber Gemstone Ring with a fossil - family jewel


BUT NOT BEFORE mentioning this... Since, Ive been "locked away" at home with no social interaction, except for profs, and just surrounded by books, espresso machine and a box of red bull ... I had nothing left to do except to browse an on-line stores on my " caffeine overdosing breaks" and of course pick up a few beauties: ( I couldn't resist or use any common sense... ooh well)

This beautiful Alexander Wang Dress, that I picked up in a last size zero 50% sale from $495 .... ( I hope the duties and taxes are not too high, since that's where I usually get caught with crazy fees,lol)
ANDThis Trash&Luxury Tee that costs in Canada $68, I picked up for $ 39 ---- I feel soo ripped off since I do have a few tee that I did purchase for that crazy price... it should be illegal. lol Photobucket

I can't wait for the dress to arrive ... I hope it's not tooo short. It was my only source of excitement or joy this week ... UGGGH.

For the past two week, I've had the " when life hands you lemons, make lemon juice" line stuck in my head and I came to conclusion that whoever thought of this line never had to face exam period ... Because all I have is more lemons and no lemon juice... OOOH YEA, and I am Missing TORONTO FASHION WEEK - because of exams and research.

ON a POSITIVE NOTE, Halloween is coming, my last exam is on the 27th and I already have the best costume ... I love it, Can't wait to P-A-R-T-Y :)

Who are YOU dressing up as?

By the way, Yesterday(Tuesday) TORONTO WAS HIT BY LIGHT SNOW .... I just got onto the highway on my way to the lecture and there it was .... in the middle of OCTOBER, but what did I expect... I LIVE IN CANADA, lol.

Happy SNOW DAY?I wish you all a beautiful day

With Love ... Marta
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