Hello Darlings, Since 2007, September 26 is also known as World Contraception Day! Its mission is to improve awareness of all contraceptive choices to ensure that regardless of whether you’re married, sexually active or not, individuals are making informed choices. It might not be fair for me to say, but in many aspects birth control fall under one of the many female responsibilities. I say this because we are the ones who have more options and various methods. The decision of family planning and protection is something to be taken incredibly seriously not only in an instance of pregnancy but also safety. So why am I speaking on the taboo topic of contraception?

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As a woman, I believe that it is an important choice for every woman.  I am also at an age where my friends have children or family planning which got me thinking.  This led me to partnering with Bayer Inc. back in March to focus on the issues of women’s  sexual and reproductive health and to share my own views on it. In our time where casual is the way and hook ups are the new form of dating, it is hard to ignore the harsh realities. It seems that in our careless and fun society the outcomes come with serious consequences. In fact a study focusing on world pregnancy trends found that half of all pregnancies in North America are unintended.

In my previous article, I had an opportunity to chat with Dr.Palmay on the importance of planning birth control and its affects on your fertility and overall health. Contraception has evolved over time and it’s become increasingly important for women to educate themselves and make informed choices to fit the lifestyle. Many women take the pill, but few actually think about whether a daily routine is effective for them. On average, Canadian women miss 2.6 pills per cycle, leaving them at risk of an unintended pregnancy. After all, we are savvy and educated women so making decisions based on ideas rather than research is simply silly.

So above are the most popular choices of contraception but to find all of the details along with pros and cons, check out the following pdf sheet. Everything in life is a choice and this one is key.

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*in collaboration with Bayer Inc., The views and opinions expressed are my own.

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