Hello Darlings, When in Vegas always dress the part! In the city of nonstop party this is the time to have lots of fun with your wardrobe. It is the perfect place to bring out your favorite sky high heels, sequin dresses, feather skirts, bejeweled blouses and animal prints. Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and just have fun with it.



Just because you’re in Sin City, it does not mean that you have to dress like a showgirl. This is time for fun but in a responsible way, therefore do not wear crazy heels if you expect to walk. Trust me, I learned this the hard way by wearing my so-called “walking heels”. If  you plan on walking to a restaurant and then heading over to a club, wear flats and change into heels. Being practical in Vegas is as important as looking fabulous!


Yes you’re in Vegas and you will see many girls rocking crazy heels at the pool with full on make-up, don’t be one of them. Since you’re in the dessert the temperature will go up to +35 degrees and the last thing you want is to worry about melting make-up. Same goes for night clubs, do not go overboard with skin. Remember that you’re a confident woman and have no need to show  your bits and pieces to everyone. Plus showing too much can lead to trouble as most people are intoxicated and night clubs can get rowdy.


I AM WEARING:  Truth and Pride Silk Blazer // Wilfred Silk Cami // Zara Skirt // YSL Trooper Pumps // Olive + Piper Bullet Necklace

So when in Vegas do dress the part but most importantly stay true to yourself! At the end of the day, you’re on  vacation to have a good time. Just enjoy yourself and don’t obsess too much over fashion 🙂



Sometimes it is hard not to be overwhelmed by the surrounding and not to fall under pressure of going out to buy a look that is more “Vegas”. Remember that what you packed is who you are. Just enjoy getting dolled up for the nights out by spending more time on yourself or even getting your hair styled. Remember what Sophie Lauren said, ” Sex appeal is 50% what you’ve got  and 50% what people think you’ve got.” 

With Love…




  1. June 29, 2013 / 11:02 pm

    I grew up right by Vegas & I know the temperatures are out of control right now. Can’t wear much during these months haha!


  2. August 3, 2013 / 11:37 am

    Avoid showing too much to avoid instances that would ruin your stay there.

  3. September 7, 2013 / 2:11 pm

    Love Your style, your blog is amazing and so, you know, with your own style, which I adore!
    I’m loving this skirt but wasn’t lucky and couldn’t find it anywhere.
    In case you’re selling it, will you keep me in mind??

    Lots of love


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