The Power of LinkedIn

Hello Darlings, Following up on a promise to share insights on social websites that I use. LinkedIn is a daily read, which is an online community similar to facebook but with a twist.

Marta Tryshak on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is free. How it works is that anyone can create their own profile primarily with details about their education, professional experience and career. The search function is one of the most useful features, which allows you to quickly research who currently works in specific roles at companies and organizations. So when that next bright idea comes to mind, using LinkedIn you can quickly find the name of who to approach to make your idea come to life.


There are currently more than 200 million members, but the community is primarily comprised of professional people 30 years of age and older. And it's not really a social hub, so don't join expecting to see a lot of photos of friends and family, or updates on what is going on in the lives of people of interest. LinkedIn is really more like placing your business card online, and a portal for anyone to reach out to you.


And if you are curious about career opportunities, LinkedIn is the place to be. On the home page, there is a section entitled JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN that is refreshed regularly based on the information in your profile - where you live, what are your skills, etc. -  and you can click the links to read specific job opportunities and also apply online. Today, I found the below opportunity from a PR firm seeking a Senior Consultant that may interest some.


Just know that you can't just go crazy adding a whole bunch of random people to be your LinkedIn connections. And also if you are concerned about your digital footprint, most of the information that you add to your profile will be restricted so that only those who you confirm as connections can have access to see your full profile.

If you are already on LinkeIn, this is my profile if you would like to connect.

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