One of the Good Guys: Daniel Freiman

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Daniel Freiman is one of the good guys, literally. Daniel is currently a leading candidate to win the Volunteer of the Year award from IVHQ for his charity work at an orphanage in Africa, and more!

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International Volunteer HQ is an organization that since 2007 has placed more than 20,000 volunteers globally. Each year,  roughly 5,000 volunteers donate their time, skills, and energy to help people in a variety of countries. To read more about IVHQ and to volunteer, visit this link to their website.

In May 2012, Daniel was placed at the Grace Care orphanage in Kenya for 4 weeks. With 15 other volunteers, he lived with  pastors George and Regina Ngige, who are the directors of the orphanage and school, and who dedicate their lives to keeping the children safe, happy, and healthy.


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Daniel's charitable work continues long after returning to Toronto, where he is an MBA student. Daniel has created two fundraising campaigns to raise money for the orphanage including "If You Build It, We Will Play" that has raised $25,000 for the orphanage, and his Behind the Bag campaign with the below video that has gone viral on YouTube with more than 200,000 views!

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and to read more about the inspiring efforts of all the volunteers!

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