Marta Tryshak
“Hi, I’m Marta Tryshak and this is my story.”

While completing a History of Art Specialist at University of Toronto, I began also known as WLG. On June 12 of 2008, I wrote my first post on Chanel while “studying” for a Medieval Art exam and that is where the name was coined. A homage to Chanel’s first name, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, whose aesthetic and spirit has always inspired me.

My love for the visual extended beyond academics and into musings of everyday life. Capturing moments that inspired, experiences that taught, outfits that brought confidence and adventures that made memories.

WLG has grown into more than the passion project that it began as—it is my life story, unfolding over thousands of articles. It has shaped me, forced me to make choices I never thought I would. What’s more, it is a constant in my life, which has, at times, felt temporary. Like a diary.

In my pursuit of professional excellence, and with the support of an angel investor, I launched a social media agency, TryMus Group. In 2019, I also joined Seneca College as a Digital Marketing Professor. As I continue to follow my passions and dreams, I’d like to take you along for the ride.

Let’s share our journeys to creating a life that makes us excited to wake up in the morning. This is for you, who look up at the stars and dream; then wake up in the morning and turn those dreams into a reality.

P.S. While I would never endorse a business that I do not personally support, it is important that both collaborative businesses and readers alike understand our practices and views as a company. These are our Disclosure & Transparency Guidelines.