Hello Darlings, As you greet yet another concierge who cheerfully suggests an itinerary for one, you start to wonder is this really a good idea? It is!!! What stands in the way of discovery is typically novelty of a place and struggling with an opportunity of being alone. For most the thought of having a dinner or going to the movies only in ones company is dreaded. For me, I’ve learned that when life throws a curveball you should run with it. That is exactly how I learned to not only be comfortable when travelling alone but actually enjoying it!

Marta Tryshak at St. George Island, Florida
I did not chose to travel alone, my work caught me by surprise. While it was miserable at first, now I appreciate the time. This acceptance of circumstances has translated into other areas of my life but it all started with travel. It took baby steps and the realization that I’m not a total loser for wanting to go alone on vacation to embrace the opportunity. 

Having the choice to travel is a blessing even if you do it alone. Having to go alone should never stop you from travelling regardless of how nervous you may be at first. Also embracing your own company is a life lesson that every woman should learn. This is why I would encourage every woman to try it. I am not suggesting that you go on a solo Euro-trip but go for a few days to a spa away from where you live and just focus on appreciating the time. I promise that you will come back feeling empowered. Trying something new and being nervous is an experience; wondering about something and being afraid to try is a wasted opportunity. Therefore try! Wellness or spa retreats are a great option for those looking to enjoy time alone but in a setting where it is easy to mingle. That’s another thing about solo travel, it will teach you to meet new people.

Marta Tryshak at St. George Island, Florida

I am an introvert by nature but over the years have learned to embrace the social side; mostly thanks to the nature of my work. Travel has also taught me to meet people at the most random places and how to start conversations and appreciate the various walks of life and perspectives that they offer. Every person that will touch your life while you’re away has forever opened your mind towards something new. You may not see the significance but as you accumulate the experiences you’ll naturally begin to develop an open mind. That is a change that you will begin to feel with time.

Marta Tryshak at St. George Island, Florida

I AM WEARING: Lovers + Friends dress// Stella McCartney sunnies // Kate Spade clutch // Tommy Hilfiger sandals

Marta Tryshak at St. George Island, Florida

For me, travelling has always offered an opportunity to learn. It started as a self discovery journey during a time in my life that was anything but happy. It was thanks to those trips and lonely nights, that I’ve learned to enjoy being on my own. It was during those moments where I felt most vulnerable that I’ve realized the strength within me to work through any scenario. Solo travel will not only teach you but also open your eyes to the world that you never quite embraced. It will make you  a stronger person and a better one too. Absolutely, I love travelling with my family and friends but taking the time to do it alone has been one of the best journeys.

Just try… and I promise you won’t regret!

With Love…




  1. Brian Davis
    November 13, 2014 / 5:40 pm

    Hi Marta. Great post. You look amazing as always and your message in this post is amazing as well. It’s perfectly fine to travel by yourself. It’s the perfect time to “find yourself” So often we get wrapped up in all the everyday hype we forget about ourselves. I’ve always found it nice to have some “ME Time”


    • December 8, 2014 / 8:49 pm

      Hi Bri, I love to travel alone normally for the weekend only but hopefully this coming year I’ll tackle a week or so. I think that it takes some getting used to but surely a very rewarding experience.


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