Hello Darlings, Have you ever thought of what keeps you excited and wondering. You know, the things in life that make you feel genuinely blessed and lucky; but also the ones that keep your blood boiling?

Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley, Whistler

For me, it has always been experiences! That first time you watch the sun set over the ocean, get over your fear of flying and enjoy the flight for the very first time, the view from the peak of the mountain or Mayan ruins or the bottom of a cenote. The first time you try a glass of Barolo, a first oyster or an alligator. It is those first times and those first moments that evoke in me the greatest passion for life.

Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley, Whistler

I call my drive for experiences as FOMO — Fear of Missing Out! I think that we all fear of missing out on our curiosities. For as long as we are curious, we will always wonder.  As my best friend always likes to point out, curiosity can kill.  I agree but it is that same curiosity and huger to experience that makes my world go around. It’s not just beautiful sights and delicious cuisine that inspire but any type of a first experience or curiosity that I satisfy.

Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley, Whistler

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Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley, Whistler

This week, I’ve been lucky enough to be back in the beautiful Canadian West Coast and experience Vancouver and Whistler again but in many cases for the first time. While the first two days in Vancouver were accompanied by nonstop rain, the past few days in Whistler have been a winter wonderland. Following the check in at the charming Fairmont Chateau in the Upper Whistler Village and at the base of Blackcomb Mountain was the beginning of a beautiful adventure!

Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley, Whistler

Among the first was the discovery of Alexander Falls in the Callaghan Valley which is about 20 minutes away from Whistler Village. It is  is endowed with some of the deepest snowfall anywhere in Canada  and is also the home of 2010 Winter Olympics’s Whistler Olympic Park which was the venue for nordic events. Despite a 5 minute trek through the deep snow to catch a glimpse of the natural beauty of Alexander Falls, it was definitely worth while! The entire area is simply beautiful to drive through.

Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley, Whistler

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  1. January 15, 2014 / 10:39 pm

    That frozen waterfall is stunning!

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