Hello Darlings, I enjoy the guilty pleasure of drinking yummy cocktails or wine at parties. While it’s socially acceptable, people definitely do pass judgement based on what they see you drinking – not to mention how much!! So with a few Oscar parties to attend this weekend in Hollywood, I thought to make my own little practical investigation on the topic: What Do Ladies Drink?


My first obvious source on the topic are episodes of Sex and the City, but the show ended 9 years ago and much has changed since! Case in point, it’s hard to imagine that Facebook didn’t even exist when they filmed the last episode of the show!


Putting aside the influence of influencers, the main reason to attend these parties is simply in search of fun! Mingling with interesting people and perhaps meeting new friends. So my drink of choice should first and foremost be one that tastes great, and second makes me feel good all night long.


Wine is usually good in small doses. However, reds can make me sleepy and lead to a much dreaded hangover when having more than two. And whites often lead to drinking too quickly because of the sweet taste. So unless the party is in the middle of the day, or less than an hour, wine is not my drink of choice.


Back to Sex and the City, I am more of a Carrie loving sweet cocktails. And thanks to bartender Peter last night at the OK! Magazine pre-Oscar party, I tried his signature “Blackberry Smoke” fruity cocktail with Courvoisier cognac. The taste was amazing – and in a room full of celebrities and paparazzi allowed to photograph and film everyone’s antics – when I probably felt the most judged ever, my cocktail felt spot on trend all night.


Now it’s the day after, my own little research project is complete! I feel great today, and ready for another day of exploring Hollywood and a trip to Malibu Beach. I have lots of great memories from the party, and love the photos from last night.



I AM WEARING: Juicy Couture Blazer // Talula Babaton Blouse // Robbi + Nikki by Robert Rodriguez Feather Skirt // YSL Trooper Peels //YSL Arty Ring


If you are curious to try a Courvoisier cognac cocktail, click the link to check out ingredients and how to make some of the more famous drinks including a SideCar, Ginger Crush, or an Old Fashioned. 

Curious to hear what are your go-to drinks for cocktail parties? 

With Love…



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