Hello Darlings,  A few months back in a city I used to call home, a few of us met together for a celebration. For years W hotels has been my home away from home while travelling, and in particular the one in Montreal. Prior to moving to the city,  W Montreal and I have spent many weekends together. After a year or so of being away from Montreal, it was a pleasure to be back and to celebrate the grand renovation. A handful of media from North America was invited on The Double Take trip to experience not only the property but also the dynamic duality of Montreal city. From the local scene to the best of talent, it was a trip filled with many memories!
W Montreal Renovation

W Montreal Renovation

Upon landing in Montreal, our small group was met by the lovely Caroline, W Insider and from there we were on our merry way to the hotel. Aside from having panic attack of an almost lost luggage that was later located, it was a wonderful start!

The day was sunny and the spirits were high. Upon checking into my Mega Room, I was pleasantly surprised by how different and yet familiar it all felt.  In September 2015,  the much anticipated multi-million dollar renovation was complete. The hotel was re-imagined by Starwood award-winning design team and embodies duality of the city and history of the property.  Formerly Banque du Canada, the building stands between the bustling financial district and the charming Old Montreal. Drawing upon historic elements of the former bank facade and deconstruction of French neoclassical elements, the hotel is a combination of hip and modern aesthetic that pays homage to the past.

W Montreal Renovation

The rooms are designed to spoil their guest with indulgent pleasures. From open concept bathrooms which provide city views while enjoying a soaking tub or a a large glass shower. To my favorite feature of the new design being the spacious dressing area which includes mirrored closet doors that open up to become a tri-fold  dressing mirrors and of course plenty of space for the actual wardrobe. When travelling regardless of the duration of my trip, I always unpack and organize.

The focal point and a key design element of each room is the cocktail corner and mix bar which is a direct nod to W’s love and legacy of cocktail culture. Lending a social vibe that brings  the excitement  of the hotel’s many  lounges and bars up to the guest rooms. Part of the reason that I always enjoy staying at the W hotels is exactly because of that — the social aspect. The properties are famed for their fabulous lobby lounges and exclusive clubs which while travelling provide the most convenient and entertaining atmosphere without stepping a foot off of the property. A luxury that while on business travel is exceptionally appealing and much less lonely. Not to forget their incredible Whatever, Whenever service that manages to pull off any request.

W Montreal RenovationW Montreal RenovationW Montreal RenovationW Montreal RenovationW Montreal RenovationW Montreal RenovationW Montreal RenovationW Montreal RenovationW Montreal Renovation

Overall, I loved the fabulous touches to my longtime favorite and look forward to being back. Now that you’re familiar with the re-design, the trip itinerary itself was just as well thought out. Coming up in the next article!

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