Hello Darlings,  Upon checking into my room and a quick soak, I was ready for a night on the town! With an itinerary filled with adventure, I was as excited as a little kid on a Christmas morning. The first event on the list was a meet and greet at Bartini in the lobby of W.  Luckily, my closet friend and a colleague Miya joined me on this trip. She was covering the experience for TheYouthSociety.com — a women’s lifestyle site I co-found in 2014— and you can read all about it here.  After a few martinis and making new friends, we set out to explore the town starting with an incredible dinner at Jatoba as recommended by our W Insider. If in Montreal, it’s a must try! Then the evening took us to Flyjin lounge in Old Montreal which proved to be lots of fun even on a random week day. It was a perfect girls night filled with great food, a few cocktails and many laughs!

Rad Hourani Montreal

Travis Taddeo Studio, Montreal

With a late night and an early morning, the itinerary was action filled. The day was spent exploring local hotspots and visiting local designers  through a carefully curated Insider Tour.

Starting with an exciting visit to Denis Gagnon studio we not only had the chance to mingle with the designer but also see the master at work. Gagnon  is one of the most renowned Canadian designers of his generation and is known for his “couture” approach to leather, precise cuts and spectacular silk pieces. As a huge fan of his designs, this was surely a highlight of my day. The second stop was Travis Taddeo who was also a blast to hang out with and see in action. Taddeo is known for his simplicity with edge by creating bold connection between luxury and street-wear. For the third location we stopped by Ran Hourani‘s boutique who’s well known for his neutral genderless creations.

Marta Tryshak and Sasha Exeter at W Montreal Insider Tour

For a mid-afternoon bite, we paused our journey at Cafe Tommy on Rue  Notre-Dame Ouest which was bustling with action. This chic cafe slash coffee shop slash makeshift office was filled with young ambition and effortless style. Nestled in a stunning corner building in Old Montreal, the spot is a definition of what Montreal is about. Following an hour or so of feasting on our gourmet sandwiches and coffee concoctions we were off on our merry way to the second half of our tour. The fourth stop was Philippe Dubuc  an incredible menswear store with handsome suits and designs.  And the fifth and final stop was a charming home store, Espace Pepin – Home. The store had a warm atmosphere with a chic aesthetic that would suit most tastes. Overall, the morning and afternoon made for a memorable experience where strolling the street of Old Montreal were an adventure of discovery. 

Marta Tryshak on W Montreal Insider Tour,

 I AM WEARING: Vince Leather & Wool Jacket // Mason by Michelle Mason Leather Insert Dress // Hermes Clic Clac Cuff // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel //3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel //  Marc by Marc Jacobs Friends of Mine Loafers 

W Montreal Double Take PartyFollowing an afternoon exploring stylish studios and strolling the streets of Old Montreal, we had a bit of time to ourselves to get ready for the main event. The trip was organized to celebrate the renovation and no celebration is complete without a fabulous party. And boy did they know how to throw one! After an extended bubble bath and a minor wardrobe crises while deciding which dress to wear, I was ready for a pre-celebration cocktail in the room and to head up to the 10th floor for the VIP reception.

A quick elevator ride and upon being greeted by two lounging models in bathing robes doing their nails, we were welcomed into the magical world of W hotels. A brand that is famed for their fun atmosphere and world-class entertainment was bound to make this event a one to remember!

The party was an equal parts fashion show and immersive theater where each WOW suite transported guests into a unique world of contrasts. As Montreal is one of the largest bilingual cities in the world landing somewhere between the Fresh and English cultures. For Double Take, the event plays off this harmonious clashing of the cultures and focuses on the dualities.

The first room embraced classic style where two gentlemen played a game of chess and the third was reading a book; all were dressed in 3Paradis. In contrast the second room focused on modern style where a live fashion shoot was taking place and all models were dressed in Melissa Nepton. The third embodied winter season where two models were seated by the Christmas tree wearing Harricana. Contrast to winter was the fourth ad my favorite room, summer season. In this room the three models used new gold couches as reflectors and were surrounded by flamingos. Following the cocktail reception, the party continued on with an exclusive concert by Milk and Bone and then a performance by DJ Andrew Wyatt from Miile Snow rocked the place until the late hours of the night. From the soft sounds of Milk and Bone to hard dance music, the evening transitioned from one side of the spectrum to the other flawlessly. It was a night for the books and a party that will be hard to top this year!

W Montreal Away Spa

Following an incredible 48 hours, the trip came to wrap with a relaxing morning at the Away Spa! As Miya left to catch her Toronto flight in the afternoon, I stayed another day in a city that was one a home and is now a place of so many fond memories.

With Love…



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  1. February 16, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    I love Montreal – this post gave me additional ideas for places to visit, especially the Away Spa!

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