Hello Darlings, Between the travel and work responsibilities, finding balance to maintain a healthy lifestyle while investing in relationships with friends and family can be a fine line between mayhem and perfection. It’s an ongoing balancing act that requires continuous effort. However after all, good things in life do not come easy and require work. Jawbone Up MoveFor the past number of months as the work stresses continue to increase, I’ve focused on finding a balanced lifestyle. It’s well know fact that the best way to manage stress is by establishing a routine and healthy habits. Thankfully in today’s world there are number of super gadgets that help out with that journey. For the past month or so in additional to regular exercise I’ve introduced Jawbone UP MOVE to monitor my activity and sleep patterns.

Jawbone Up Move

Since my high school years I’ve had difficulty establishing a sleep pattern and continue until this day. Some days I’m up until 6am and others until only 11pm; there is simply no routine. Naturally, having no sleep pattern means that with years it takes a toll on the body. Aside from sleep habits, understanding how much exercise and movement is required to stay in best physical shape. This is exactly where UP MOVE by Jawbone comes into play, a revolutionary system that documents, analyzes and suggests best choices based on your goals. The Smart Coach is a guide that delivers personalized  tips and reminders that improve your routine or encourage you to move forward.

I AM WEARING: Wilfred Rians Blouse // Citizens for Humanity Emerson Boyfriend Jeans // Lanvin high top sneaker // Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Purse // Pandora Garden Odyssey Ring // Jawbone UP MOVE Tracker 

The UP MOVE tracker is especially designed for active individuals and therefore the design can be worn as a wristlet or clip. Personally, I wear the wrist version to bed while the clip in is perfect to wear in a pocket of your jeans or attached to a shirt. The information is then accessible in an easy UP app on your phone where Smart Coach suggests on how to improve. I find that having an understanding of such information make me work harder towards accomplishing goals such as going to sleep an hour earlier or walking those extra 100 steps to reach a goal.

Jawbone Up MoveAs I continue to learn what my habits are and the best way to improve upon them, I’ll follow up with my progress and how effective I find this gizmo to really be. As for now, I love knowing the number of steps I’ve taken and the recommended goal as well as my sleep and mood patterns. It’s been a journey and an interesting one.

 With Love…


*in collaboration with Jawbone. The views and opinions expressed are my own.



  1. June 26, 2015 / 9:00 am

    love your top, looks so comfy and versatile! great combo with jean…:)

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