Hello Darlings, We all love the thrill of adventure and the wonder of learning something new. It is the unknown that we crave and the discovery that we hope for. Naturally travel is very exhilarating but can be stressful.


To navigate the ups and downs of travel I’ve invited travel expert, Kendra Thornton to share her advice on how to ditch the hassle and make your next trip worry-free!

1. Book Early

Whenever possible, book your travel arrangements as early as possible. You will have more options to choose from and won’t feel the stress of having to make a last-minute decision. Making arrangements early also gives you the time to do plenty of research before handing over your credit card. On a budget? The earlier you book your flight and room, the more you’re likely to save.

 2. Keep Track of Your Luggage

Every woman’s worst nightmare is having her luggage lost, especially when it holds expensive jewelry, shoes and clothes. Save yourself the stress and fit your bags with GPS tags before you travel. These work much better than the standard paper tag and will allow you to find your luggage if it does go missing.

3. Plan Ahead When Traveling Abroad

When traveling to another country, most of us remember to take into account the time difference and currency exchange rate. What do many women forget about completely? Voltage. Without a voltage converter, you could be caught overseas with a bunch of appliances and electronics that won’t work. Voltage converters are cheap and necessary if you want to charge a cell phone and use your hair dryer. Be sure you are prepared.

4. Book in the Business District

If you’re traveling on business, you may have already booked your room in the business district. Don’t shy away from this area if you’re only in town for a girls weekend though. Since these hotels make the most of their profit during the week, the rates are normally lower on the weekend. Hotels in the business district tend to have excellent transportation as well so you won’t feel stranded if you want to go downtown for an evening of fun. If it is a business trip you may want to stay away from the family-friendly hotels and kiddie pools!

tea time in paris

5. Plan for Your Trip Home

When packing, most of us are focused on bringing great shoes and the perfect dress for a special evening out. Think about throwing a few large zippered plastic bags and some reusable grocery bags into your suitcase before you head to the airport. The bags don’t take up any of your valuable luggage space and will come in handy when packing to come home. You’ll be glad you have the bags handy to hold toiletries, a wet bathing suit and dirty clothes.

 Just remember to enjoy your travel and stay safe! 

Kendra Thornton

Kendra Thornton is a long time travel expert who has been packing bags and travelling the world since the age of 3. Prior to starting Thornton PR, she was the Director of Corporate Communications at Orbitz.com. To follow her adventure, follow Kendra on Twitter @KendraThornton



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