Hello Darlings, Sunday brunch is one of the most beloved social customs and one that my friends and I adore! Over the years, lots has gone down over a brunch. From nursing terrible hang overs, nurturing broken hearts, spilling the latest gossip and copious amounts of boy talk — many secrets were spilled over Mimosas and pancakes. In life I was blessed to find a close group of girlfriends back in high school and until this day we still adore each other and stay close. As Marlene Dietrich said, “ It’s the friends you can call up at 4 am that matter.


As life changes and years go by  it is not always easy to maintain those relationships but at the end of the day it is those very bonds that make a difference in your life. As we’ve all grown into our mid-twenties, number of life changes have taken place. And, last weekend was one worth celebrating!


As one of our closest friend’s moved back from England and the other announced her engagement, the day called for a celebration! As an official maid of honor and a best friend, I decided to organize a welcome back/engagement brunch for just the six of us! From grade 9 to quarter of a century, we’ve withstood the test of time.  With so much history, it was special to share the day enjoying delicious culinary delights at Cafe Boulud in Toronto’s Four Seasons hotel! As one of my favorite places in Toronto Cafe Boulud and D Bar never disappoint with their exceptional food and accommodating staff. It is a perfect setting for a girl’s brunch. The day was made even more special by Dove who provided amazing Daily Moisture and Intensive Repair  gift bags to make our days a little smoother!


Prior to the brunch, I had the pleasure of getting pretty with the Dove® team! I spent the morning getting dolled up for a photo shoot for the new Dove® Daily Moisture and Intensive Repair hair care line. As a big fan of Dove products, I was very excited to try their new moisture line. With summer and lots of sun exposure my hair has definitely suffered. The products made my brittle locks feel silky smooth! For a girl who’s always on the go, not having to worry about frizz all day is a blessing!

If you would like to make your day five times smoother, check out the discount coupon on Dove Canada’s facebook by clicking here!

With Love…



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