Hello Darlings,  seems as if spring may have lost her way as the weather has been somewhat tragic the past weeks. Bring on pretty May flowers soon please mother nature – since with every rainy day the mood of the city dampens and it seems most everyone is turning to the darkest corners of their closets. It’s sad how there is often dullness in the way people dress when the whether is terrible.

Marta Tryshak in a BCBG Wide Brim Hat

Rainy days also come with other annoying consequences for us ladies — think frizz! A girl cannot step outside without inheriting mood dampening frizz, but thinking positively a cute hat can be a great solution to both save you from a bad hair day, and even make your rainy day outfit feel fabulous.


I AM WEARING:  J.Crew Intarsia Charley Sweater // Koral Skinny Jeans // Zara Wool Coat //  BCBG Max Azria Wool Hat // Rosegold Harley Boots //  Kate Spade Bow Bridge Little Kennedy Purse


It seems the art of wearing hats has been pushed aside except for a select special few. Let’s for instance take Kate — the Duchess of Windsor — and consider how stunning every look of hers is thanks to the many Phillip Tracy hats. There is something  intriguing about a woman in a hat. Whether it’s a wide brim sun hat, a fun fedora or a paper-boy hat, the look projects a certain amount of confidence and mystery.


If you are thinking to buy yourself a hat this spring, most of all keep in mind that you must feel comfortable wearing it. There is no point investing in a fabulous hat if you will be too self-conscious to ever wear it.  At first, I was uncomfortable with my own wide brim hat, but eventually warmed up to the idea and now adore wearing them. Aside from practicalities of owning a few great hats comes a feminine confidence. Plus not to forget that now the rainy and snowy days have a fabulous twist to them.

How do you feel about wearing statement hats?

With Love…




  1. Josie
    April 14, 2013 / 8:31 pm

    Hats are SO important to the wardrobe. Varying between classy and funky ones can always seal the deal for a quick casual outfit!

  2. April 16, 2013 / 1:33 am

    I think I need to pull out my hats to get over this dreary weather. Ughhh…. Marta what’s going on with mother nature?! I swear everyone around me is depressed, or very near it.

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