Hello Darlings, To celebrate summer, beautiful memories, and fabulous style Schick Quattro for Women is on search for the best style selfie! The winner will receive an amazing $5000 shopping spree. Now that’s making a style statement! For your chance to enter, please share your selfie on Instagram by tagging @QFWselfie and #QFWselfie or by uploading on facebook at this link. The contest ends July 22nd, so be sure to hurry. As for mastering the art  of selfie, keep reading because I’ve got all the tips for you.


Learning the skill of capturing a perfect selfie can propel you to digital stardom and that skill alone has become an “art form”. With the rise of Instagram stars all that it takes to capture attention of thousands is mastering that one skill. Selfies have not only come to define our generation of self expression but also means to gain recognition. Regardless of whether your ambition is to become the next digital star or to just capture your favorite moment, we’ve discovered the key factors in what makes a good selfie and amazing one. So the next time you capture a selfie pay attention to the following factors:

Camera: While your instinct is to use the front camera (the one with the phone screen on it) the back camera actually has a better resolution so although you might have to try a few times at aiming for your face, it will actually turn out better and less grainy.

Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important parts of taking a photograph and no exception to the selfie. Natural light is the most flattering, and the easiest way to get a beautiful and natural selfie is near a window or outside. Fluorescent lighting typically makes you look tired, sick, or shadowed in the worst places. Avoid back lighting and keep the light source in front of you. It brightens your face as opposed to creating harsh shadows and highlighting blemishes or skin issues. Avoid flash at all costs in order to not distort your face, create glare and contribute to red eye.

selfieAngles: Know your angles. Most faces tend not to be symmetrical so turning your face 1/3 to 3/4 of an angle is most flattering. Try not to turn your face almost to the side because it looks quite deliberate when you’re peering back towards the camera with your eyes. Most people will say they have a “good side”, which you should utilize but don’t post every photo at that angle because it gets repetitive and people catch on (again look natural and not purposeful). Hold the camera at a slightly higher angle than your face in order to slender and soften your features.

Expression: Repeat: do not duck face. There are certain things that are well past their prime and that is #1. What never goes out of style is a smile! Always look natural, don’t be too serious. Being silly and making faces counts as being natural as well because it allows someone to see the real you. “Model shots” are borderline of falling into the category of not looking natural.

Background: The most classic selfie is truly of your face. But if you keep on posting the same thing over and over again it gets redundant. Do something interesting: Snap a picture of you at the beach, or on a run, or in a field of flowers. Better yet get some friends in on the snap, the more the merrier.
If you’re posting a #ootd (outfit of the day) angle your body slightly to the same side the camera is on, phone out in front, shoulders more toward centre and act happy (not sexual or pouty), however your face should no longer be the focus.

selfie Edit: After taking a secure amount of photos delete until you’re down to about 5. Choose your
favourite/most flattering and get out one of the many editing apps available. Some of the best apps are Self Retouch, Photo Editor-, Snapseed, and Photo FX. I highly recommend the first because it instantly corrects blemishes and unflattering shadows in one button whilst not looking bleached, blurred or otherwise supremely edited. Use editing programs sparingly, the positive idea behind taking a selfie is embracing your beauty! Do not post an obvious fake (refer to trying too hard) or over edited photo.

Filters: One is enough. Doesn’t abuse filters by layering in more than one editing app and because it is a selfie use black and white or something natural that truly only compliments you. Much like the flash, abuse of filters can make you seem ghostly and washed out.

#Hashtags: If you’re in the market to gain followers be sure to use hashtags appropriately. When it comes to a selfie, no more than five will do. Don’t seem vain or excessive. Appropriate hashtags include: #SelfieNation #Selfie #Nofilter (be honest, refer to http://filterfakers.com/) #NaturalBeauty #Me and #QFWSelfie.

Now that you’ve got all of your factors time to snap that selfie and share it with us!

With Love…


*in collaboration with Schick Quattro Canada. The views and opinions expressed are my own.


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