Hello Darlings“Busy” has become the new “I’m well, thank you” to every “how are you”. In fact, a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research argues that a busy and overworked lifestyle, rather than a leisurely one, has become the new aspirational status symbol. Who cares about beachfront vacations, when you can work overtime!?

Complaining about being busy and working all the time has become an incredibly widespread phenomenon, and one that is impossible to sustain. I’ve learned it the hard way. You cannot perform at your best by being constantly stressed. It’s important to me to maintain a healthy balance between my personal wellbeing and running a business. This especially became important when I started building my team for TryMus Group. The people I work with become an extension not only of the company, but also my life. Kencia started as an intern and graduated to attending most of meetings, events and work trips. I spend more time with her than anyone else in my life.

Winter months are very difficult and demanding in our industry, that is why it was important for me that her and I take the time off. It is equally as important to work hard together as it is to enjoy things too. It fosters a genuine relationship and increases productivity. That is why I decided that a “TryMus Retreat” in the middle of the week was the best idea for doing just that!

It was one of those showy days nearing the end of February when client commitments have slowed. Driving up to Grafton was as picturesque as a winter landscape painting from the Group of Seven’s Frank Johnson. While the drive itself was harsh in the heavy snow, the unfolding landscapes were mesmerizing. That’s the thing about Canadian winters – just when you’ve had enough it find ways to surprise you delightfully!

Located in Haldimand Hills in the small town of Grafton, Ste. Anne’s Spa is a charming escape on a sprawling 400 acres of farmland. From the moment you exit your car and enter the property through foliage vista, you’re taken back in time. The Main Inn is an impressive stone house dating back to 1858, and was build by Samuel Massey. Situated on a plateau overlooking miles of rolling countryside with Lake Ontario on the horizon, every window offers a view. Since then a number of additions have been made giving the building its characteristic features earning its name “the Grafton Castle”. The integrity of architecture and history has been flawlessly preserved and is a large part of the experience. From common areas to the accommodations, the rustic charm provides a stark contrast to the hustle, bustle and modernity of city life.

Guests are welcome to stay at the Main Inn, or at the nearby cottages which offer more privacy and space. We had our little escape at Maison Sante, which is a 15 minute walk or a 2 minute drive – the staff will do pickups and drop offs, so no worries. The two storey loft style cottage is ideal for groups with 3 bedrooms and full kitchen. We loved having the entire space to ourselves.

Between reading and lounging by the fireplace with a glass of wine and boardgames, we spent our days in plush bathrobes! From breakfast to dinner, living life in a robe is the answer to all your worries and stresses in life. Aside from the spa treatments, everything is included in the price of your stay. This all-inclusive concept creates a worry-free environment. As for spirits, you’re welcome to bring your own and provide it to the serving staff to be available with your meals. Personally, I loved the idea as the property does not serve alcohol. The food is exceptional and the staff makes you feel right at home.

It’s hard to explain how serene it feels being there. You feel so at ease making it also an ideal escape for some time alone. Between yoga classes, steam rooms and dips at the grotto you can explore the area by snowshoeing or hiking. Be sure to follow the activities with Rose Garden Massage to walk away feeling like a goddess. Rejuvenated and stress free, we returned to the office that afternoon agreeing to return in the summer!

Being busy is overrated.

With Love…


Accommodations were kindly provided by Ste Anne's Spa.The views and opinions expressed are my own.

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