Hello Darlings, “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and  winter in the shade.” Nothing describes the joy of those first few days of March than that quote from Great Expectations. In true Canadian fashion after a few above zero and sunny days, we joyfully begin to pack away our winter layers. The wonders that spring cleaning does to a lady’s self esteem when the “skirts an bare legs season” finally approaches. That very moment when you finally pack away the boots and pull out your favorite pair of pumps — pure bliss!Jergens Natural Glow Marta Tryshak

This week also marks Fall/Winter 2016 collection presentations at the Toronto Fashion and as every big event in our lives, looking and feeling great becomes a priority. Not to say that any other day it is not but it is during those certain occasions where attention to detail is given.Through the duration of one week, it is a none stop action from shows to dinners and cocktail parties. To feel great or attractive when running on few hours of sleep and fueled by few too many cups of americano is nearly impossible. Typically when preparing for fashion week I try to simplify as many things as possible. From a visit to a hair salon for a touch up, to getting freshly done mani and pedi, to eyelash extensions and finally a sunless tan. Essentially it is a  maintenance mode ritual!

Jergens Natural Glow Marta Tryshak

Nothing ruins an outfit faster than pasty white skin with blueish undertones making your whites look even whiter. While I rely on professionals for every other one of my so-called “maintenance mode services”, a tan is one that I enjoy maintaining throughout the year on my own. Throughout winter I especially love having a little color even if it is for the sake of not scaring myself when I hop out of shower. Just because we’re in hibernation does not meat we need to let our skin reflect that. For me, it is the easiest way to feel comfortable about myself naked, especially since a touch of bronze takes attention away from imperfections.

Jergens Natural Glow Marta Tryshak

I AM WEARING: Zara Frilly Coat // Christian Louboutin Bille et Boule Pumps // Chloe Caspia Sunglasses

While maintaining color might seem like a daunting task and trust me it can be, it doesn’t need to be. I’ve gone through the rubber gloves and dark towels ordeal with self tanners that somehow still leave streaks many times. Then waking up the following morning not only to smelling like a bottle of self tanner and ruined sheets; but also finding patches that need so much scrubbing that you wish for that pasty skin back. It’s too much effort which is why I prefer gradual self-tanning moisturizers. It kills two tasks with one formula. Aside from not having to apply tanner, you also avoid the extra step of slathering on a moisturizer. For me it’s a time saving life hack that I truly enjoy primarily because I often do forget to moisturize my body.

Jergens Natural Glow

Recently I’ve began using the new Jergens Natual Glow Express Body Moisturizer and this drug store find is truly a gem. The formula is mistake proof in that it gradually builds color as opposed to one time deal transformation which leaves a lot of space for mistakes. It also comes in two shades that are formulated to give you a light or dark tan. The dark tea infused formula starts to build color after one use but takes 3 days of continuous use to achieve full color. Personally, I used the formula every other day as opposed to daily as I wanted to ensure that the color was subtle. To maintain the color I use it every three or four days. I really like that this formula is not overly pigmented and the color that it does give is very natural. Just don’t forget  to wash your hands after the use.

Jergens Natural Glow Marta Tryshak

For me it’s one simple step in my post-shower evening routine that leaves me feeling sexy and confident. With two vacations coming up, I will be using the  moisturizer to have a much darker color as I avoid sun exposure and tanning. It’s nice to be able to vary the degrees of color depending on the time of the year and occasion In between the days that I do not apply Jergens Natural Glow, I use my regular moisturizer to lock in the moisture. With skirts and bare legs season upon us, it might be worth a try. If you do show me you sun-kissed looks using #GlowandShow.

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Images by Arnold Lan

*in collaboration with Jergens®. The views and opinions expressed are my own. 


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