Hello Darlings, I am really excited to bring you this guest article from my good friend and a talented author of a newly published novel,  Seeker of Horizons. Massoud Abbasi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1982. His family fled war and revolution to Turkey in 1987 where they resided for two years as refugees until finally arriving in Canada in 1989. Seeker of Horizons is a story of a father. A lover. A career. All lost at once. What if this happened to you? What if your life was never going to get any better? Young Moshe finds himself in this situation in this riveting tale of tragedy, change and self-awakening. In the below short story written just for you, Massoud explores the importance and beauty of a fresh start .

Seeker of Horizon

On the Magic of Beginning

by Massoud Abbasi 

Just as a tree sheds its leaves each fall and rebirths them each spring, so too with us and the varying seasons of the human spirit. No winter, however long or harsh, can last forever. And no summer, however warm and bright, can go on indefinitely. It is not so much that all things must end, but rather, that all things must begin anew. This very essence of life is imbued in all things, from the smallest microbe, to the largest animal. Hence, the crux of the mystery of existence rests not on death or endings, but on life and beginnings. Nothing really ends, everything merely transforms.

It is in this spirit that I embarked on this new beginning of my own, and sought a new horizon to endeavor towards and explore. This project was born of grief and sorrow, but in these very things existed the kernel of life and truth that has now found itself manifest as a novel. A tale weaved using the experiential threads of my life, and that of my father and family’s, it is ultimately a tapestry of the human condition that all of us are subject to. It is a story about the cycles of life, of being lost and found, of endings and beginnings, of love and overcoming. Truth is the sum of all perspectives, and this story is merely another perspective in our collective journey towards understanding.


And so on the eve of the publication and release of my first novel, Seeker of Horizons, I am grateful to be encountering a new beginning. There is great power and magic in starting something new. My hope is that this story will motivate others to seek out a new beginning of their own and immerse themselves in the wondrous world of the new. To begin that thing which has for long been entertained in the heart, mind and soul, today. In the end, it is not about what has been but what could be, not what you seek but that you seek, that matters. Seek a new horizon today. There is magic in new beginnings. Follow the birds flying towards the Sun.

Seeker of Horizons is now available at Amazon, Indigo and Barnes & Noble. I hope you enjoy the work of this talented writer and the beauty of the story.

With Love…



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