Hello Darlings, On Saturday March 29th at 8:30 pm, millions of people across the world are switching off their power for one hour — to  celebrate their commitment to the planet. In its eights year, Earth Hour has united the planet it its effort to protect our environment. For that one hour our world slows down if not comes to a haul. Unplug and turn off  is the goal!

Durex Turn Off To Turn On

This year for Earth Hour, Durex has kick started a global trend known as #TurnOFFtoTurnOn in support of our environment – and our relationships. Did you know that Canadians spend an average of 7.1 hours of leisure time per day on four screens — smart phones, tablets, computers and TV?! Now imagine what this does to our intimacy which according to a UK study has dropped by 20% in the past ten years. So this year, don’t only turn off the light but also unplug from technology and reconnect with your partner. I mean really, can you think of a better way to celebrate Earth Hour?

To get the sparks flying, Durex will provide one lucky winner with Earth Hour Survival of goodies which will include all things nice and romantic from Durex valued at over $100. So join the fun and enter to WIN below!

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Hello Darlings, A woman’s purse is her weapon, we all know it! It  carries our secrets and so much more. During the fashion week that weapon becomes a stand in for everything. From a beauty kit, to a lunch box, a tech station and  a go-to companion. For that one week, we essentially live out of our purses. It may not be the same purse but regardless of which one it is,  it is single – handedly the most important accessory aside from our phone which is probably in that purse! Not to forget it is also a fashion statement and during this brutal winter, the shoes and the purses have been lifesavers. They are the only accessories that can be regularly changed to add a kick to an otherwise dull parka or winter coat.


Allow me to introduce you to  my latest obsession and joy, the new Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity purse. This little stunner is a perfect combination of  daytime meets cocktail hour. Versatile enough to transition every outfit from day to night. Since I tend to favor my purses and shoes;  Sweet Charity is seeing lot of action this week. Fashion week, day meeting or a night out every girl should consider having the following items in her purse at all times.

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