Hello Darlings, A few months back I wrote on making goals and realizing them. It was at a  point in my life when I have just launched my social media agency alongside an investor and have come to terms that being few years away from 30 was no joke. Having just turned 28 and tired of hearing the ever common phase of “30s are the new 20s” I continue to embrace the importance of planning. Ladies, 30s are not the new 2os! Lets consider are biological clock as the prime example of why it’s not the case. The beauty and privilege of  maturing is also a matter of embracing each life stage and planning for  future. Appreciate the moment you are in and make the best of it.Marta Tryshak

Having spent majority of my 20s working on a building a business while a lot of my peers were enjoying those years have brought me to a point in my life where now I can finally enjoy myself. The long hours of staying in and missing out on those university parties and trips to the cottage, have in the end payed back. Making oneself feel as if time is on our side is the number one step toward postponing your own success.

In a woman’s life one of the most important decisions is a child. A decision if she wants one, and a decision of when.While I definitely want to have a family and children, some of my friends and peers don’t. A choice that every woman has the right to make but most importantly to plan for. Personally, I like to make my decisions based on research and birth control is one of the most important ones.

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Hello Darlings, Nothing gets our pulse racing and heart beating like cheering on our favourite team. Now an entire country coming together to support our athletes at the Olympics, that’s national pride. With Rio 2016 taking place it left me reminiscing of my trip to Montreal back in July. Over the weekend of July 8th, I was invited to celebrate one of my favourite sports — tennis. With Rogers Cup set to take place the following week, National Bank was celebrating 10 years of supporting  tennis in Canada. A worthy occasion for an epic celebration!

That is not to say that I do not love other sports, I’m a big fan of baseball and hockey but as far as tennis goes it is for different reason. Tennis is the only spectator sports where female players have attained the same level of respect and success as men.

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