Hello Darlings, With sunshine flooding my face and taste of fresh coffee; in that moment nothing could compare. It was blissful! After a long winter that never seemed to leave our side, on that very day it finally felt like summer. Yes, not spring but summer! It is within that quiet moment in one of my favorite parks in the city that I finally felt a glimmer of hope that summer is within reach.

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With the summer comes a time when every woman reaches for her favorite pair of shorty shorts. I know for a fact every lady’s got’em, regardless of whether or not she feels confident enough to wear them regularly. It’s that pair that we save for those great days when we feel like our gym sessions are finally paying off. It’s that one pair of shorts that makes us feel on top of the world.

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Hello Darlings, Every woman has her wardrobe classics that she turns to when facing a wardrobe dilemma. Of course over years fashion has dictated what those classics are and how we should define them. I do agree that certain items are timeless and should be found in certain wardrobes, I do however find that not all of them apply towards needs of every woman. As every woman is unique as should the list of her classics be.

Wardrobe Classics - Marta Tryshak

This week as I was highlighting some of my spring #FaveFinds for Sherway Gardens, I realized that many of them were some of my favorite wardrobe staples but updated with a new twist. Whether it is be a new texture, cut, or embellishment it is nothing to feel guilty over. I’ve done that for a long time!I felt guilty for buying an item that felt similar to the one that I owned. A classic is a classic and it belongs in your wardrobe. Girl, if you love it then go for it!

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Hello Darlings, with every morning comes the beauty routine! From that freshly brewed cup of coffee to a favorite lip colour, it is the routine that starts off our day on the right foot. For a woman, the custom of getting ready in the morning goes beyond a simple act of applying makeup. In a sense it prepares her to face the world feeling her best. I don’t think any woman gets ready with obligation but rather to highlight her favorite features and bring attention to what she admires within herself.

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When a woman feels great, the confidence that it gives her for that day often happens to be the driving force behind her day turning into a success story. The effort we put into our look has less to do with what we want others to think of us, but rather what we want to feel within ourselves. So in a small way that intimate moment that a woman spends on herself has a much greatest effect that just applying a flattering shade of blush.

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