Hello Darlings, For fashion lovers, September marks not only a new season but also a fresh wardrobe to play with. For fashion world, September is an indulgence! As we slowly put away favorite sun-dresses and espadrilles until an upcoming vacation or next summer, our mind slowly shifts towards knits and leathers. As every girl knows, a new fashion season also means a shopping spree!

LouLou Shops

Luckily, our favorite Cadillac Fairview malls across Canada have partnered with LOULOU magazine to bring us a series of LOULOU Shops events!  For all of the lovely ladies looking to get a head start on their shopping and score great deals, October 2nd is the night! Join me for a night of fashion, shopping and lots of savings at my favorite Sherway Gardens! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @MartaTryshak for exclusive savings and sneak peak into sales before everyone else! It will be the ultimate night of shopping and I can’t wait to see you there, be sure to tweet and instagram at us using #LouLouShops

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Hello Darlings, The other night as I was speaking to one of my friends, we got into the topic of Instagram and what it really says about a person. After he boldly stated that if I was to go based off your Instagram (@MartaTryshak) as to the person that you really are then I don’t think I’d want to know you. After a few minutes of deliberation, I’ve come to conclude that in many ways Instagram puts forward our most superficial face.

Instagram Frame

As he went on to point out that I do a great job growing and engaging my Instagram, it does not speak as to the person that I am. In fact, he went on to say that it is quite the opposite of who am I. Not the one to judge my character as looking at yourself from an outsiders standpoint is a mission failed type of a quest. However it got me thinking, what kind of image of our lives and ourselves do we curate on the Instagram? And yes, curate. Every single one of us curates the images that go up, in the same way that an art curator organizes an exhibit to convey the message. So what message are we sending?

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