Hello Darlings, There is a shade of red lipstick for every woman. There is also a color of lipstick for  every one of her moods. As women it is our prerogative to change our mind as often as our little hearts desire. So who’s to say that we can’t experience that change daily if not hourly.Lise Watier Baiser Satin Marta Tryshak

I’ve always been the kind of girl who shied away from color. Perhaps because I’ve always best identified with my red hair color but which also prevented me from experiencing color both in my wardrobe and especially make up. Not exactly a drastic crises but in some instances more so of a mental block. I simply could not wrap my mind around as to how I can wear certain colors without them clashing with that of my hair. Silly, I know but once something sticks in your mind and becomes a norm it is difficult to overcome it. Certain aspects and habits simply defy logic!

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Hello Darlings, As every year nears its end the design world awaits the big reveal when Pantone declares a particular color as “Color of the Year.”  The annual prediction plays a major part in designs of products from fashion, car companies, interior decor, cosmetics to you name it. In a manner that fashion season dictates the fashion trends; Pantone defines the key color trend for the year! Therefore for us ladies, that one color ought to make an appearance in the wardrobe in some form of a capacity.  As a glorified neutral tones kind of a gal I usually introduce color through accessories. In particular my love falls for beautiful eyewear.


Now you must wonder what is Pantone?  It is a main standardized color system across the globe and its color intelligence is omnipresent in the design world to create color palettes for works. Gently said, Pantone is color! Twice a year the company hosts a secret meeting in one of Europe’s capitals. For two days various presentations and debates take place and upon those meetings the color is chosen for the following year.

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Hello Darlings,  Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining two of my fellow Notable Award recipients to be a part of  a panel discussion organized by Notable.ca titled “Real Talk“. The concept behind the panel was to have young entrepreneurs talk about real secrets to their success in company of forward-thinking young professionals.

While writing will always be my passion, in many ways business has become my area of personal growth. Therefore introducing some aspects of female entrepreneurship and career development will definitely become a more prominent part of this site.

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