Hello Darlings, In many situations you’ll hear people advice that it’s not the situation it is your state of mind that carves out the outcome. While I’ve always been the one to take that advice with a grain of salt, lately I’ve been questioning as to how true it may be. In many situation whether personal or professional we are defined by our outlook. Over time our mindset becomes habitual as does the process in which we resolve problems.

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Have you ever taken a moment to look back on a situation and think how could I have handled it differently? I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Looking back on your own responses can provide with answers that you’re looking for. Depending on how you handle unexpected situations or high stress demands will showcase what your attitudes are.

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Hello Darlings, It’s not everyday that a girl gets to be a part of Guinness World Records history but let alone host one. Growing up I loved flipping through the pages of Guinness World Records books, just the sheer curiosity and remarkable achievement of various acts always kept me on the look out for the newest published edition. Fast forward twenty years and I had the absolute honor of being a part of one of such amazing record.

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From all the amazing events that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of this may have to top the list as few weeks ago I hosted Amope PediPark.

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Hello Darlings, Some things tend to puzzle my mind that at first seem like a bad idea and then come to make sense. The fashion circuit sees the rise and fall of number of such ideas and among them is the now infamous romper or jumper. Upon my research, I’ve come to learn that jumper and romper are of the same garment family, except that jumper indicates a long pant. Yes, ladies there’s a difference and no you were not the only one to be unaware of the fact. Rompers are short, jumpers are long! With an absolute fashion labeling faux pas behind us, shall we continue with the discussion of bad idea gone right!

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Since the rise of the romper and jumper a few seasons ago with its boho-fabulous appeal, the garment has evolved into a full fledged evening appropriate option. With designers making the romper glamorous and it becoming a fashion favorite of many, the jumsuits have also come to replace evening gowns. With some time and inner monologue that resulted in minor identity crises,  I’ve finally understood the appeal. I bought my first romper which then shortly followed by a second purchase of another.

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