Hello Darlings, Every woman knows that her hair is her crowning glory and that making each hair flip fabulous takes special effort. After all, it is our best accessory! A bad hair day not only dampens our mood but also has an effect on our self-esteem. Nothing ruins a special moment or a great outfit like messy hair; been there and done that far too many times. Now, a good hair day adds an extra bounce to our step while making every outfit fabulous. A good hair day makes us feel invincible and ready to conquer the day!

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From blonde in high school to brunette through mid-university and finally to a redhead in my 4th year, I’ve gone through my fair share of hair dilemmas. Since finding my true color match on the fiery side, I’ve been on search for that full, “just got out of bed but it’s looking perfect” hair. The kind that has just enough body and bounce! As much as I do love my hair, it would be nice to be able to go through the day with an extra bounce. Especially on those days when you’re getting dolled up for a night out with your girls, that full and luscious hair is just what your outfit needs. The only difficulty is that my hair is naturally fine and wavy, which does not hold body well. Having it long does not help either, as it gets weighed down by the length. 

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Hello Darlings, Growing up we’ve all heard it many times over and over again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While the fact never changed only 44% of us actually eat it every day. Myself included. I am not a morning person and enjoying extra 10 minutes of sleep is worth sacrificing anything for. Many days that sacrifice is my breakfast and I am not proud to admit it.

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With my job some days are spent at numerous locations while others are spent at home. On days when I have meetings or need to visit client offices it’s a marathon to get ready, grab coffee or tea and rush out the door. On days when I work from home, I still manage to miss breakfast. From my bedroom I will relocate to the office in my pajamas and as a habit begin to catch up on emails. That quick peek into emails usually turns into hours and little do I know it’s past lunch. The sugar levels drop, I begin to feel dizzy with zero energy left while my whole body buzzes from caffeine. By the time I make lunch, I’ve come to a point of hunger that has turned into anger. HANGRY state.

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Hello Darlings, There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on. With Friday evening dinners and Sunday morning brunches, comes a moment when being a great guest is as important as being an exceptional host. While we all have our family traditions and every family has its quirks, we’ve all faced those awkward moments when biting your tongue is the best option. Being a good guest is knowing how to put your best qualities on display. From knowing when to back away from the wrong conversation or what kind of flowers to bring for the hosts is not just a kind gesture but also a sign of respect for your company. It’s a matter of being a good guest!


As Emily Post famously said, “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”  So what does it take to make a good guest, here’s what Emily Post said. It’s fairly simple but definitely a gentle and kind reminder during the times when technology rules our social life.

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