Hello Darlings, with every morning comes the beauty routine! From that freshly brewed cup of coffee to a favorite lip colour, it is the routine that starts off our day on the right foot. For a woman, the custom of getting ready in the morning goes beyond a simple act of applying makeup. In a sense it prepares her to face the world feeling her best. I don’t think any woman gets ready with obligation but rather to highlight her favorite features and bring attention to what she admires within herself.

Burberry Kisses

When a woman feels great, the confidence that it gives her for that day often happens to be the driving force behind her day turning into a success story. The effort we put into our look has less to do with what we want others to think of us, but rather what we want to feel within ourselves. So in a small way that intimate moment that a woman spends on herself has a much greatest effect that just applying a flattering shade of blush.

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Hello Darlings, It is said that the best way to know a woman is to go shopping with her. Perhaps a naive statement but one that carries some truth to it. While shopping is an enjoyable activity it is also one that says a lot about woman’s likes and dislikes. Even more so it speaks to her emotional state. No woman can disagree with a fact that buying something lovely on a terrible day feels pretty great!

Sherway Gardens

With long work days and school finals coming up, my Friday evening was spent “letting off some steam” and flexing some credit card muscles. As any woman I find comfort in retail therapy, even if shopping is a big part of my job description. For as long as I can remember my mom and I would spend some of our alone mother-daughter time at Sherway Gardens, and I have so many fond memories associated with the mall. It’s been a blessing to have the support and an opportunity to work with the very mall. If interested, you can find my style column at Sherway Gardens site, The Endless Closet or the YouTube channel. With a huge expansion opening this fall and number of amazing retailers joining the property, it’s an exciting time!

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Hello Darlings, Nothing says spring time quite like floral prints and pastels. I mean after the dreadful winter that we’ve faced and still continue to on odd days when the snow sprinkles over the city, wearing anything that unites us to warmth is pure joy.

Wearing Coloured Denim

Just consider that amazing feeling of walking into your closet and pulling out a pair of pastel jeans and flats. I’m sorry but to me right now that is the second greatest feeling after that of having a cup of coffee in the morning. So yes, I may have to admit that this winter has got me really annoyed but just the thought of finally having the chance to transition into spring has me feeling overly excited.

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