Hello Darlings, “Autumn is coming. It may be the sneakiest season; it disguises itself with warm winds and late evening golden light.  It wraps itself in colors that look like fire and the slowly fading sound of crickets at night.  It comes without warning and without apology and before you know it, the air is cold and the leaves are falling and the Summer you thought you were enjoying is just a memory.  Sly.  So sly.” – Tyler Knott Gregson 

Feet in the ocean

As the summer has come and gone and the winds have slowly started to cool, we bid farewell to the summer of 2014. To celebrate the beautiful summer memories, Schick Quattro for Women is excited to giveaway a lovely gift to ensure that your fall memories are as sweet and smooth as the ones from the sunshine days.

Schick Quattro Giveaway

For your chance to WIN this lovely price just select one of the below way to enter this contest and best of luck!

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Hello Darlings, With a special occasion, comes the preparation which is part of the journey. Attending a fashion week is a different kind of anticipation, it is preparing to weather the stress of a non stop schedule. While many of us can relate to the dilemma, fashion week is an overdrive experience. September marking the official launch of spring/summer 2015 worldwide fashion weeks. I’d like to share some of my hardest learned lessons after surviving a number of fashion weeks. Now having attended New York, Miami, Toronto and Montreal fashion weeks, I feel like I’ve learned some of the key lessons on how to handle high pressure circumstance while rocking 5 inch heels, battling frizz or frost bite and still enjoying the moment.


So while not all of us are prepping to attend a fashion week, the lessons learned are valuable to any part of our lives. After all I promise that fashion week is an affair that is glamorous on images but quite difficult and at times unpleasant in real life. Don’t believe the hype, fashion is not always fabulous but rather in fact anything but when experienced backstage. Like a lot of things in life more often it really isn’t what it seems to be.

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