Hello Darlings, Every woman faces the same challenge numerous times a week — closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! By now I am sure all of us have that standby outfit that works for almost every occasion. I bet you that look revolves around denim! That’s the thing about jeans; they just tend to save the day.

Reitmans #denimlovestories

 I think that every woman can agree to a fact that following her favourite pair of high heels, jeans are the second favorite item in her wardrobe. From casual days to wild nights, it is single-handedly the one item that will always win when faced with the wardrobe dilemma. They are like a trusty best friend who will always be there.

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Hello Darlings, I’ve always been a believer that every woman has an individual style that fits a certain format or stylistic category. That is until I ventured out and bought my two firsts — Lanvin sneakers and Citizens of Humanity Emerson boyfriend jeans. Outrageous to think that a new pair of drop dead heels could have joined my wardrobe, instead I opened that shoe box like kid on a Christmas morning. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to open a shoe box. Same can be said for the jeans, but I was in love!

Citizen of Humanity Emerson & Lanvin Sneakers

It first started with the unraveling of that little blue box with its delicate bow  is when my identity crises started. Yes, I am joking but I think that it is safe to say that this latest splurge was surely out of character. I mean, I am a girl who loves heels and ballerina flats and never lets her bra straps show. Some will say proper and others, conservative but I’ll just say that I like a pulled together look. So how does a pair of beautiful sneakers fit into a wardrobe of cashmere, silk and little black dresses? Let alone a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans.

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Hello Darling, Despite the number of times that I pack and unpack in a month, I am not sure if I will ever master the true art of it. Asking a woman to decide what she’s going to wear days ahead is as unlikely as asking her to decide on one pair of shoes when shopping. While I wholeheartedly love the process of arriving at the airport and checking in my luggage, the struggle of actually getting packed comes with every trip.

What To Pack For Hawaii{I AM WEARING: Line & Dot Summer Pleats Dress}

As this was my first time visiting Hawaii, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect nor what to pack. Some vacation destinations like Miami require a well thought out wardrobe of summer dresses and heels; while a low key destination like Vieques Island calls for only sandals. In the case of Hawaii, I discovered that it was a combination of both.

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