Hello Darlings, The jolt of energy and excitement that rushes through our body when we experience the unknown. It’s exhilarating to feel that alive  in a split second. Every part within our body is alert, while the heart is pumping and the mind is racing. Everything within that one moment of pure excitement propels us to an extreme state of happiness and what would we not give to prolong that feeling. Or experience it over and over again.

Marta Tryshak

 In the past few years I’ve come to realize  that curiosity singularly leads my life. What would I not do or try to experience that natural high. I am not speaking of sky diving or cliff climbing, I am talking about staying curious. The constant hunger for novelty is exhausting but in the most positive way. The hunt  itself is exhilarating and the destination is euphoric. Now, allow me to explain what I mean in practical rather than romantic terms.

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Hello Darlings, From the moment Apple released iPhone 4 in 2010 with a front-facing camera our lives have forever been changed thanks to a digital phenomenon now know as a selfie! A simple act of snapping an image of oneself typically with a cell and then sharing online has come  to define our age. The selfie has become as much of our culture as the iPhone, Miley’s twerking and hashtags. While overindulging in selfies should come with a warning, all in all they are great fun! No longer do we need a tripod, a helping hand or even a reason for a picture; it is as simple as a snap and go when the mood strikes.


 How did a selfie come about?  It all started back in 2004 when the usage of #selfie first appeared on Flickr but took almost a decade to catch on. Thanks to the rise of Instagram in 2011 and introduction of  hashtags and filters that #selfie started to grow in demand. 2013 became the  year of  #selfie  and the term “Selfie” was officially added to Oxford Dictionary. While we in North America love our selfies, it is Australians that steal our thunder. Selfies are most popular in Australia followed by US and Canada. Now that was a surprise :)

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