Hello Darlings,  Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining two of my fellow Notable Award recipients to be a part of  a panel discussion organized by Notable.ca titled “Real Talk“. The concept behind the panel was to have young entrepreneurs talk about real secrets to their success in company of forward-thinking young professionals.

While writing will always be my passion, in many ways business has become my area of personal growth. Therefore introducing some aspects of female entrepreneurship and career development will definitely become a more prominent part of this site.

Having have grown up in social media and branded content business, in many ways my professional and personal life are one in the same. After over 8 years in this sphere of work, I’ve learned  many harsh and kind lessons not only about business but also life. As we set down at The First Canadian Place for the first part of the series, it was a pleasure to speak alongside Steve Georgiev partner in  John Doe Group (team behind EFS, The Addisons, Omaw)  and  Najeeb Khan of 1 For Hunger.

Video by  Arnold Lan

With Love…

Marta Tryshak




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