Hello Darlings,  Making a change in life is never easy. Change always takes time and patience. Now making a change in another individual’s life comes with patience that can take a lifetime. Many of us would recognize that a change starts with a sole individual and grows into a movement with the support and care of others. Not many people would volunteer themselves for a position of making one’s goal in life to create change. However our world wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for those brave ones that did make that very decision.


So here’s a thought… make a change that is within our reach. After all there’s a reason it is said that change starts within a community. I never really thought about this point of view until one afternoon when my personal experience made me want to get involved. This past year and a half has been challenging and exhilarating all at once. The personal story still leaves me feeling vulnerable when sharing but the experience of having one’s life changed because of another individual’s actions is something that I know far too well.

When  faced with challenges in life, we turn to those we love most. They are our safety blanket when times get hard and our source of joy when days are brighter. My life would not be filled with joy if it was not for my family and friends and I am sure many of you can say the same. Now,  imagine not having a support system or a home. This is the scenario that hundreds of women in Toronto and worldwide face and find safety within shelters such as Street Haven at The Crossroads.



I AM WEARING: BCBGMAXAZRIA Dress // Sophia Webster Leandra Pumps  // Coach Clutch // YSL Arty Ring

Maybe if I did not have my experience to relate to then my passion for wanting to help this cause would not be the same. Along with my business partner, we were honored to be one of the sponsors at the Gala of Light which helped raise over $40,000 in funds towards a shelter that gives hope to women who have nothing and nobody to turn to when life throws a curveball.


To prepare for celebrations, I was lucky enough to have great helping hands on getting ready. The talented hair stylists at Doll Bar helped me brave the rain with a pretty hairdo and Giorgio Armani had me dolled up with beautiful make up. Many thanks to them. To the gala I wore my favorite cocktail dress from BCBGMAXAZRIA and pair of pumps from Sophia Webster. All in all, it was a wonderful and inspiring evening spent with a close group of friends.


It is the personal experience or ability to relate that gives us the passion and drive to want to make a change.  When we feel it, we believe in it and therefore are willing to take that chance of being the individual to at least try to make a difference.  So my hope is by sharing this glimpse into my story someone would be encouraged to reach out within their community and lend a hand. It is the smallest of the gestures that can make the greatest impact on a life.

With Love…


First Image Courtesy Best of Toronto // Second ImageCourtesy  BK on the Scene


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