Hello Darlings, As women we face the pressures of timing constantly. It lingers despite how hard we try to disregard. As I woke up on the morning of my 29th birthday all of the mental alarms were going off. Not only did it finally hit me that this is the last year I’ll ever be twenty something but everything seemed so much more serious. I felt as if overnight my life shifted. That morning instead of waking up to a beautiful beach view and feeling excited to spend my day in paradise, I was freaking out about getting older.

After a tearful shower and a pep talk with myself, I began to go over everything I have accomplished and experienced within those short 29 years. While every age comes with its own beauty, I realized it’s the change itself that left me so nervous. After that minor drama, life went on without a glitch that morning. Why are we as women so acutely aware of age? While youth might be celebrated within women and aging is portrayed as an obstacle, it is much more complex than that. Looking back on my younger years, I would never in a million years would want to be twenty again. I think most women would agree. So why is it that we are so cruel to ourselves while knowing that with age we become much more secure and confident as individuals. In a choice between going back to being naive at twenty and today? I would chose today every single time. 

As in everyday life, balance and discipline is key. Same should apply to the inner workings of our minds. Balance to be proactive and discipline not to torment ourselves with our thoughts. Every day is a challenge  to stay within a routine and to have the discipline over my mind and body. To have a peak inside my everyday life check out the video above. As for being proactive to looking and feeling great is where self love comes in. Great skin and healthy body is nurtured from inside but also out. What you fuel your body with is integral; meantime to take care of our exterior is where the skincare comes in. Being proactive with life choice and skincare regiment helps minimize the signs of aging and environmental effects. So it’s as simple as don’t beat yourself down, feed yourself well and figure out what products work!

For the past couple of months I’ve been using Lise Watier’s PerfeXion Anti-Aging Skin Care Line which is the 1st cosmetic collection featuring cosmetic drones. Stress causes wrinkles, lack of radiance and enlarged pores. To target the issues, over a million drones deliver active ingredients to the areas that need it most. Additionally kakadu plum extract is a rich source of vitamin C to boost skin’s luminosity. Meanwhile lentil extract is added to refine skin’s texture. The collection includes 4 simple steps that are quick to apply in the morning and at night.

Since I love the line, I wanted to share it with one of you. Just follow the steps below for your chance to win.

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In the end, it is a matter of having the discipline and balance both over your actions and your mind. For as long as we have control over the two we have the power to approach our lives in a way that makes us happy rather than stressed.


With Love…


Video and Photos by Arnold Lan

*in collaboration with Lise Watier. The views and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Emmy
    October 4, 2017 / 2:29 pm

    Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway!. My skin could really benefit from this collection!

  2. Anie Robitaille
    October 6, 2017 / 10:06 am

    Love Lise Watier!
    Thank you!

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