Hello Darlings,  Every woman has a love/hate relationship with her bikini! When confidence is on her side, a woman can feel like she’s on top of the world. Or on the contrary, just feel like hiding! From the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, it’s a never ending battle. It all comes down to the attitude! An attitude that a woman has towards her body and herself.  It is usually not the women who have the best bodies that look hot in bikini but the ones who have the right kind of mindset. When lounging by the ocean and soaking up the sunshine, the last thing you should be doing is worrying!


 Even if a treadmill has become your best friend and your yoga stances are perfection, there’s always that moment on the beach when every woman just feels exposed. It’s natural! However, the sooner you realize that you’re on a vacation and not a runways, the faster you will learn to have fun. Fake it till you make it! That is the motto that every woman should embrace while on the beach! I mean really, who cares about what strangers think. No point worrying about something that is entirely out of your control and especially during the time that you should be enjoying amazing margaritas! Act confident until you learn to feel it; everything in between are just minor details!


 As for those  curious to know who came up with a concept as brilliant as a bikini, well the thanks go out to two Parisian gentlemen– Louis Réard and Jacques Helm.  I do not think any woman would ever conceive such an idea! In fact, the bikini got its name because it debuted during the same time that nuclear testing began on Bikini Atoll. Since the two gentlemen figured that their creation might receive an explosive reaction, et voila the name was born!


I AM WEARING:  Eco Swim by Aqua Green Bikini // Kate Spade Sunnies 


We might not have an explosive reaction towards our bikinis but it is one garment that we should just learn to love! Rock that bikini with confidence and break all the rules!

With Love…




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  1. October 9, 2013 / 1:15 am

    I love your suit!! Polka dots for a bikini are just too fun!

    I totally agree, it comes down to attitude… and we should all embrace our bodies and rock it out! There’s a suit for everyone. 😉

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