Hello Darlings, Sharing my experiences over the past ten years brought me directly to an opportunity that launched TryMus Group. While so much of the work we do as an agency defines me as an entrepreneur, I rarely share it here. WLG  has always represented my personal story as opposed to that of a company. Some may say it’s one and the same, but I would disagree. Perhaps, it’s a topic for another post.

Since launching the agency, my team and I have worked on many projects and initiatives that made me proud. This one in particular is close to my heart, as it is not only creating a change but inspiring the community to be a part of it!

Hillcrest Bees

For the past three years, we have worked with Hillcrest shopping mall as social media agency of record. While the property is undergoing an expansion and  renovation, it has been my pride and joy to be a part of creating their new identity and fostering a community. Hillcrest takes great pride in its growing sustainability program and are proud recipients of BOMA Best Gold Certification. The shining glory of the program is becoming a home to honey bees!  Awesome, I know.

The world population of bees is in dramatic decline due to climate change, widespread use of pesticides, habitat loss and new diseases and parasites. The phenomenon is alarming as bees play a major role in fruit, vegetable and nut production: about a third of what we eat relies on their pollination. In an effort to protect pollinators and encourage more bee farming in communities, Hillcrest became the first Canadian shopping centre to install beehives. In Spring 2017, the property installed two hives with 5,000 bees. The initiative is in partnership with an urban beekeeping organization Alvéole.

Contrary to a popular belief, cities are great place for bees: there are strict anti-pesticide laws, untapped floral diversity and largely unused rooftop space. Thanks to the lush gardens of Richmond Hill community, Hillcrest bee population thrived over the year and swelled to 70,000. As a team we had the pleasure of harvesting the honey and donating it to not for profit organizations. With honey bee population at risk, help be a part of a positive change by adding flowers to your urban spaces!

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