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Hello Darlings, the holiday season is a time for celebration and love. It is the time to get together with loved ones, reflect, give thanks, enjoy delicious food and of course celebrate. After all they say that on Christmas all roads lead home.

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While nothing beats cozy afternoons with the family, it is also the time that comes with a string of inquisitive questions. We all have those, where mom wants to know when you’ll get married, grandma needs to know when you’ll have kids and the whole family goes through a rolodex of whom they can possibly match you with. We’ve all been there at one point in our lives, I just call it the luck of the single. While it’s great to fly solo, many people tend to feel lonely as the weather gets colder and snuggling seems like a feasible solution to beat the winter woes.

1258905704b0f922f233893c2b1670f9While I’ve enjoyed being single for the past 3 years, until recently I’ve never really given dating much thought. While my work takes me to many social outings, it is a constant repeat of the same people. So makes a girl wonder where do singles meet in this city? In fact, only 9% of women and 2% of men end up dating a partner they met at a bar, and braving the frosty Toronto climate for those low statistics seems less than desirable.

Between busy work schedules, keeping groceries in the fridge, and maintaining a regular gym routine there is often little time for social activities, and even less for dating. While swiping right and left is as popular as Candy Crush, I’ve never understood how an image can possibly say anything about an individual behind it. While I’ve never tried online dating myself, however I’ve always been curious in eHarmony and their approach to matching. The members are matched based on core personality traits and values rather than a single image or two. Recently the site released a study using 6 years worth of data and as turns out your words carry a heavy weigh load as does timing.

What To Say

Word selection in your profile will resonate better with opposite sex than others you use in your profile resonate better with opposite sex than others. Women who chose the descriptor “ambitious” for themselves, on average received 36% more communication requests than those who didn’t. Alternatively, men seemed to be less interested in profiles that included the the word “spiritual” with only 1.1% of males resonating with the term. So what words should you be using to find your sweetheart, have a look-sy at the table below.

best dating words

When To Say It

In life timing is everything and same applies to online dating when you have more options and people arefddf47097aa2e31c1ec7e4e063157ac9 much more active. Based on number of registrations, number of unique logins and number of communication requests sent per day over the last six years, patterns started to emerage that made for some really interesting timing scenarios.

The Best Time to be Active online
  • Labor Day weekend is a popular time to sign up for online dating due due to the fact that eHarmony offers a free communication weekend every year.
  • Valentine’s Day is always a popular time to sign up for eHarmony – February is the month of love.
  • Boxing Day through the first few days of January are the most popular times for online dating, with the most registrations and communication requests.
The Least Active Time to be online
  • Christmas Eve
  • Leap Day
  • December 23
  • Halloween

With New Years Eve just days away will you be ringing 2017 with a midnight kiss? If so, luckily December 26th is the most popular time of the year for online romancing with 2.27 times more registrations and communication requests. Who knew Boxing Day is the day of love and not only just great shopping wins!

With Love…

*in collaboration with eHarmony Canada. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

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