Hello Darlings, every so often a girl needs a “Cinderella night” — an evening where she gets dolled up for a fabulous night out with her prince charming. The event doesn’t so much matter as does the ritual of getting herself ready, since the effort and attention to detail that goes into planning that perfect night is often what creates the most lasting memories!

Marta Tryshak and DUY

This Friday, I am attending Les Printempts du MAC 2013: Vertige gala party in support of Musée d’art contemporain  de Montréal. The cause is close to my heart as it supports the development of contemporary art, and to grow awareness among my generation.

DUY Designs

To prepare for my Cinderella night, I spent an afternoon with super-talented Canadian designer DUY. His dresses are incredible, and after getting to know him personally I appreciate why. DUY was featured recently at Toronto Fashion Week, and here is a video if you want to see his beautiful designs for Fall 2013 on the runway! The first time I saw his collection in September 2012 at Montreal Fashion Week, if you would like to see photos of his Spring 2013 collection.

Marta Tryshak in DUY

Unlike going to a store, spending time with a designer to select your own custom look is a special experience. Just imagine how awesome you will feel when a talented designer creates a dress just for you! Through such a creative process, the clothes carry a special meaning – and wearing one of a kind pieces will not only save you from a complete fashion faux-pas of being caught in the same look as another woman – and will highlight the best features of your figure in a way that no mass retailer ever can.


Of course most are likely wondering about the cost of custom designer dresses. But chances are that for the same $750 that you will spend on a BCBG gown that hundreds of other girls will own, you could have a custom gown from an emerging designer. So if you’re going to invest into a special gown, why not make it your own.

With Love…



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