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Hello Darlings, Some things tend to puzzle my mind that at first seem like a bad idea and then come to make sense. The fashion circuit sees the rise and fall of number of such ideas and among them is the now infamous romper or jumper. Upon my research, I’ve come to learn that jumper and romper are of the same garment family, except that jumper indicates a long pant. Yes, ladies there’s a difference and no you were not the only one to be unaware of the fact. Rompers are short, jumpers are long! With an absolute fashion labeling faux pas behind us, shall we continue with the discussion of bad idea gone right!

Wilfred Free  Emanuela Romper

Since the rise of the romper and jumper a few seasons ago with its boho-fabulous appeal, the garment has evolved into a full fledged evening appropriate option. With designers making the romper glamorous and it becoming a fashion favorite of many, the jumsuits have also come to replace evening gowns. With some time and inner monologue that resulted in minor identity crises,  I’ve finally understood the appeal. I bought my first romper which then shortly followed by a second purchase of another.

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Hello Darlings, First to admit that I’m not one to go on health fixes, juice cleanses or the latest fitness crazed classes. As much as I do care about my well being and focus on exercise and good nutrition, I do find that it is a matter of mentality. I’ve always kept an “old school” mindset that everything in moderation is a good life plan.

Jawbone Up Move

I think that finding balance between what your life is and where you want it to go is a matter of habits. Habits that we form regardless of whether good or bad is a matter of time. As we proceed through life we try to break some of the bad habits that have formed over time and work towards establishing positive ones. With age we consider our actions more and in turn dedicate more time and effort to carving out the life we envision for ourselves earlier. At times knowing what is good for us is not always enough which is where Jawbone comes in! It comes right at the time when certain habit ought to be broken and new ones to be formed.

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Hello Darlings, Do you know those moments when you stare blankly at your computer screen for 10 minutes at a time with nothing but background noise keeping you distracted. Not a single idea seems to come to mind, no clever proposal to compose, and even motivation seems to have passed by. You’ve officially hit a rut!

Marta Tryshak in Zara Piquet Lace-Up Swimsuit, Florida

I am typically not the one to discuss the challenges of  working for yourself  but I feel like this one many women can relate to. While I do not hold a traditional job and may not be able to relate to every profession, I do feel that progressively more women face more pressure that leads to this very moment. The moment where you feel stuck in a rut and everything becomes a daze of responsibility, with absolutely no joy. It’s like you  go into cruise control mode.

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