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Hello Darlings, When the kaiser of fashion speaks, you listen! When Karl Lagerfeld says that the only three wardrobe staples that will never go out of style are “a pair of jeans, white shirt, and a Chanel jacket.” Well, you guessed it — you listen!  The three items make a perfect sense and therefore without an argument should be in every woman’s wardrobe with one exception. The takeaway from that statement should not be that you need to invest in a Chanel tweed jacket. As romantic of a notion as it may be , it is going to cost you a pretty penny and to be exact about two thousand or so.


That iconic Chanel jacket is not only the subject of numerous coffee table books  but also an internationally acclaimed exhibition, The Little Black Jacket. So like the classic 2.55 purse, it is one of the items that every woman adores and wants. The history and craftsmanship behind both are immaculate and surely worth the appreciate, however just because that little jacket is not within your budget does not mean that you have compromise on your likes.

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Hello Darlings, Since 1976, Toronto has played a host to an annual Toronto International Film Festival. Over the years TIFF has become the city’s most anticipated event. Every year, the festival shows 370 films from 72 countries and welcomes over 400,000 movie enthusiasts. Traditionally TIFF begins on the Thursday evening following Labour Day and goes on for 11 days.

Marta Tryshak at TIFF in BCBG Max Azria

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Hello Darlings,  There are moments when an argument is simply unavoidable. We’ve all been there, and most certainty will face arguments again in the future. As every individual is different, so are their opinions. And differing opinions often lead to a disagreements, which in turn can result in an argument. So how does one master the skill of arguing?

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