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Hello Darlings, I’m really excited to bring you this live feed of the Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2014 show that will take place on Monday, February 10th at 11am. So be sure to tune in and enjoy the show  as it happens live from New York city. After the show, I will also share all of the fabulous backstage details :)


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Hello Darlings, A girl never knows when a fashion dilemma may strike! Sometime between a lunch hour and  online shopping for a new luggage set, I stumbled upon a beautiful selection of vivid We Are Handsome swimwear pieces on sale. For those not familiar with the brand, they became famous for their animal faced and lifelike photography swimwear. Their swimsuits are stunning but come with a steep price tag in the range of $230 and $500. Naturally, the sale was welcome especially since the timing was no issue.

We Are Handsome

While I was browsing through a selection of the tiniest bikinis with the cutest hues of baby blues and pinks, I came across a somewhat of an unusual piece. A beautiful one-piece swimsuit with a large tiger face, gathered side panels and an open back! Despite starting a three-way conversation on WhatsApp with two of the closest girls, I was sold on the idea of a one piece for reasons still unknown. While my friends were not fond of the  ”big face”, I loved it even more for the very reason that they didn’t. It was different! The whole thing was simply different and unlike anything I already owned.

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