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Hello Darlings,

While in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to visit the design studio of one of my favorite labels — Black Halo. I am a big fan of designer Laurel Berman, so seeing where her creative ideas are born was a special treat. Unlike any other dresses, my three Black Halo signature Jackie O dresses hold a special place in my closet. The way I feel when wearing them is incomparable.

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Hello Darlings, Growing up in Ukraine, International Women’s Day was celebrated in a much bigger way than it is in North America. In school, boys always gave us flowers and at home I always remember my father and grandfather bringing flowers for all of the women in the family. Cards were sent, flowers were receive and women were showered with love.

Valentine’s Day, Birthdays or Christmas often brings such pressure and expectation that the true joy of the celebration can be soured. Yet,  Women’s Day is a more relaxed occasion when men can express their appreciation for the women in their life . There are no lavish gifts just flowers, chocolates, other small tokens of care and if anything just acknowledgement “Look honey, I remember and appreciate all the wonderful things that you do!” 

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