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Hello Darlings, As you greet yet another concierge who cheerfully suggests an itinerary for one, you start to wonder is this really a good idea? It is!!! What stands in the way of discovery is typically novelty of a place and struggling with an opportunity of being alone. For most the thought of having a dinner or going to the movies only in ones company is dreaded. For me, I’ve learned that when life throws a curveball you should run with it. That is exactly how I learned to not only be comfortable when travelling alone but actually enjoying it!

Marta Tryshak at St. George Island, Florida
I did not chose to travel alone, my work caught me by surprise. While it was miserable at first, now I appreciate the time. This acceptance of circumstances has translated into other areas of my life but it all started with travel. It took baby steps and the realization that I’m not a total loser for wanting to go alone on vacation to embrace the opportunity. 

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Hello Darlings, Like traveling to any metropolitan city the anticipation of fabulous dinners and swanky soirees calls for an advance packing of the suitcases. Unlike packing for a laid back Caribbean getaway, a big city calls for big plans and therefore takes a girl some serious thought in the wardrobe department.

Marta Tryshak at W South Beach Grove

South Beach is famously known as the sunshine playground for adults. In the same manner as any fashion capital, Miami in its own right has an entirely unique fashion scene. Nothing is too much or off limits and the brighter and louder, the better! In some ways, Miami is a lot like Vegas minus the lights and with addition of an ocean. It is the place to see and be seen! While we all love a good party, South Beach is the place to find a great scene regardless of which day of the week it is. Aside from a dynamic night scene, it also offer a fabulous selection of spas and wellness programs.

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