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Hello Darlings, Some things tend to puzzle my mind that at first seem like a bad idea and then come to make sense. The fashion circuit sees the rise and fall of number of such ideas and among them is the now infamous romper or jumper. Upon my research, I’ve come to learn that jumper and romper are of the same garment family, except that jumper indicates a long pant. Yes, ladies there’s a difference and no you were not the only one to be unaware of the fact. Rompers are short, jumpers are long! With an absolute fashion labeling faux pas behind us, shall we continue with the discussion of bad idea gone right!

Wilfred Free  Emanuela Romper

Since the rise of the romper and jumper a few seasons ago with its boho-fabulous appeal, the garment has evolved into a full fledged evening appropriate option. With designers making the romper glamorous and it becoming a fashion favorite of many, the jumsuits have also come to replace evening gowns. With some time and inner monologue that resulted in minor identity crises,  I’ve finally understood the appeal. I bought my first romper which then shortly followed by a second purchase of another.

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Hello Darlings, With December fast approaching and holiday vacations are hopefully weeks away, it’s time to start planning your resort wear. Yes majority of us are focusing on holiday shopping and making to-do lists before the year ends. And I am certain many of you are thinking that I’m nuts for even suggesting it but I assure you there’s a good reason. This is an ideal time to snag amazing summer clothing and bikinis on awesome sales, prior to the arrival of new resort collections.

Marta Tryshak in Wilfred Maxi Dress

While shopping for daily wardrobe is a lot easier since majority of us have established what works and what simply doesn’t. It is the resort or vacation wear that is a bit more challenging. Since going on a vacation is a special time and you want to feel great while there, it’s not a good reason to break the bank for an entirely new wardrobe. It seems that many women the moment they hear beach see neon colors, high platforms and palm tree prints. Many of us step outside of our typical likes for looks that many would consider “festive” or vacation appropriate. So if you’re not the one to wear dramatic hats in your everyday life, by no means do you have to do it while away. Go for something that’s your style. Stick to the woman that you are!

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Hello Darlings, As you greet yet another concierge who cheerfully suggests an itinerary for one, you start to wonder is this really a good idea? It is!!! What stands in the way of discovery is typically novelty of a place and struggling with an opportunity of being alone. For most the thought of having a dinner or going to the movies only in ones company is dreaded. For me, I’ve learned that when life throws a curveball you should run with it. That is exactly how I learned to not only be comfortable when travelling alone but actually enjoying it!

Marta Tryshak at St. George Island, Florida
I did not chose to travel alone, my work caught me by surprise. While it was miserable at first, now I appreciate the time. This acceptance of circumstances has translated into other areas of my life but it all started with travel. It took baby steps and the realization that I’m not a total loser for wanting to go alone on vacation to embrace the opportunity. 

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