Hello Darlings, In a world as connected as ours, technology not only permits us to stay connected but also to start movements. Over the years some of the most impactful events of our generation have gained momentum over social media and the digital sphere. Today, I’m glad to share with you a movement that I’ve been admiring for years – WeDay! Especially because We Day celebrates youth making a difference in a community and enables a change towards a better world.


Through We Schools which is a yearlong program, the youth is provided with tools and encouragement that sparks social change. On We Day that effort is celebrated with a star studded concert where numerous schools have fun and celebrate each other. This year, you can get involved and make a change with one simple step!

This year, Telus and MTV Canada have joined forces with an up and coming Toronto born talent Francesco Yates to create an anthem of our generation. The best part of it is you can get involved! By sharing your own video singing, dancing or jamming to Yates’ song, “Call” you can make a difference as Telus will donate $10 per each video to Free The Children.  For all of the details and to enter do so HERE!  Also, if you’d like to meet Francesco, you can do so in Toronto this Sunday, September 20th at Yonge & Dundas Square.


Aside from making a difference you can also appear in a new remix version of “Call” which will  be featured  during We Day and on MTV Canada.  So join the movement, and don’t forget to hashtag #CallForChange as you can share your video on just about any social media. The step by step details can be found HERE. Just be sure to do it before September 20th!

With Love…


*in collaboration with Telus. The views and opinions expressed are my own. 


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  1. Brian
    September 25, 2015 / 6:44 pm

    Social media is so powerful. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and personal blogs. It’s all out there. It promotes fashion and personal style. It’s wonderful, the bloger has every tool at their finger tips. I love that you are sharing yours with us cuz, well you have amazing style. Your are truly AMAZING.


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