Hello Darlings, with every morning comes the beauty routine! From that freshly brewed cup of coffee to a favorite lip colour, it is the routine that starts off our day on the right foot. For a woman, the custom of getting ready in the morning goes beyond a simple act of applying makeup. In a sense it prepares her to face the world feeling her best. I don’t think any woman gets ready with obligation but rather to highlight her favorite features and bring attention to what she admires within herself.

Burberry Kisses

When a woman feels great, the confidence that it gives her for that day often happens to be the driving force behind her day turning into a success story. The effort we put into our look has less to do with what we want others to think of us, but rather what we want to feel within ourselves. So in a small way that intimate moment that a woman spends on herself has a much greatest effect that just applying a flattering shade of blush.

Burberry Kisses

Most of my mornings start with a long shower followed by a cup of vanilla coffee and blasting Songza playlist while getting ready. I love those moments of prancing around my bathroom in a lush bathrobe deciding which face I want the world to see today. While makeup is not something I’m an expert at applying, I do however love it! I am sure that every woman has weakness for it.

Imagine my delight when I was invited to try the new Burberry Beauty line. Being a fan of Burberry for years especially being a firm believer that they make some of the most comfortable heels ever; I was too excited to be a part of the whimsical world. As Christopher Bailey explains “Burberry beauty reflects the natural style and relaxed attitude of our iconic trench coat capturing the effortless elegance and individuality of the Burberry girl.”

Burberry Kisses

To me Burberry stands for classic and refined but with a casual touch and in a similar manner so does the brand’s beauty line. The authenticity of it and the color palette is natural, light and timeless. My everyday look is very minimal with fresh skin, defined eyebrows, rosy cheeks and a lip colour; making it very easy to embrace the line as part of my daily routine.  As soon as the weather warms up, my number one go-to beauty product is a lipstick. Perhaps the pop of colour is the easier way to change an entire look and may explain the reason I have far too many lipsticks in my drawers, purses and clutches. They are everywhere but I’d hate to be stuck not having a colour choice!

Burberry Kisses

This spring Burberry introduced Burberry Kisses, a collection of lipsticks which gives women a choice in intensity of their lip colour by using just one shade. With 28 shades to select from, the buildable, moisturizing and lightweight formula feels like second skin. Enriched with Burberry’s signature blend of tea, lavender and rosehip extracts, the light formula gives up to six hours of hydration. The overall effect is kissable lips! The buildable intensity of color is the reason why Burberry Kisses have quickly become my favorite, because having the option to layer the same product without the hassle of mixing variety of shades and formulas simply makes life a lot easier.

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