Hello Darlings, Living in a fast paced city is always an exciting journey. Lots of choices, lots of people and always something to do. The bustle of the city energizes me but at the same time exhausts. It is a fine balance between running fast and losing control. Despite loving the fast pace of my everyday life, I also greatly look forward to the calm weekends out in the country. Close to home I love to get away to Blue Mountain on the weekends to enjoy the quiet, with my family I love the remote beauty of Franklin County in Florida and this past weekend I finally had the opportunity to explore the country side of Nova Scotia.

Brier Island, Nova Scotia

Brier Island, Nova Scotia

After a two hour flight from Toronto, I embarked on a five hour journey to a quint little island at the Bay of Fundy. Brier Island is well known for whale watching and since it is on my bucket list of experiences I decided to take the trip. This was my second visit to Nova Scotia where I typically spend my time in Halifax with a half of my wicked awesome team behind TheYouthSociety.com. I love the East Coast! It is absolutely stunning there and the food is beyond amazing. I promise, just going there to eat is worth a trip – just bring your big girl pants!

Brier Island, Nova Scotia

There’s a saying  by Ralph  Waldo Emerson, ” adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” After a long drive and two ferries, it was after midnight that I was checked in at the Brier Island Lodge.  Aside from the waves crashing at the shore there wasn’t a single sound outside my window and only the water and stars could be seen. After a restful night,  I was looking forward to whale watching. While the tour itself was amazing and being on the water was lots of fun, unfortunately I we did not spot any whales. My stubborn self should have known that it was too soon in the season. While my whale watching adventure is back on the bucket list and I look forward to going  the weekend was an absolute blessing. Spending some time away from the city and most of the technology was much needed.

Brier Island, Nova Scotia

Brier Island, Nova Scotia

Sometimes a girl just needs to get away and clear her mind and the drive itself was magical. To experience such beauty is definitely worth exploring your backyard . Regardless of where you live, take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been and just enjoy the calm and beauty of nature. At times, it is the most simple of experiences that bring the best of feelings. So this weekend just hop in your car and get driving to find your own oasis outside your home.

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  1. January 28, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Oh Marta I’m so disappointed you didn’t see whales! Well, I suppose that means you really do have to return to Brier Island one day. It’s one of my favourite places in Nova Scotia, and my husband and I love it so much we made a guide for Brier Island called (shockingly) Brier Island Guide. You can see it at http://brierislandguide.com, we made it so you can plan a trip really easily with up-to-date info.
    I really hope you visit again, the island may be small but it has a lot to offer (and you can get some cell service if you really wanted!).

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