Hello Darlings, Growing up we’ve all heard it many times over and over again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While the fact never changed only 44% of us actually eat it every day. Myself included. I am not a morning person and enjoying extra 10 minutes of sleep is worth sacrificing anything for. Many days that sacrifice is my breakfast and I am not proud to admit it.

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With my job some days are spent at numerous locations while others are spent at home. On days when I have meetings or need to visit client offices it’s a marathon to get ready, grab coffee or tea and rush out the door. On days when I work from home, I still manage to miss breakfast. From my bedroom I will relocate to the office in my pajamas and as a habit begin to catch up on emails. That quick peek into emails usually turns into hours and little do I know it’s past lunch. The sugar levels drop, I begin to feel dizzy with zero energy left while my whole body buzzes from caffeine. By the time I make lunch, I’ve come to a point of hunger that has turned into anger. HANGRY state.

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While most of us plan to grab a bite on the run, which is typically unhealthy. Or even worse, wait until lunch hour. This is exactly why with a busy lifestyle it is crucial to get into a habit of having nutritious breakfast daily, because other options are not good choices. Not only does breakfast fuel your body for the day, it improves cognitive performance. Studies have also shown that individuals who skip breakfast tend to crave more carbohydrates later in the day. Consequently, those who miss it consume 40% more sweets, 55% more soft drinks, 45 fewer vegetables and 30% less fruit. This simple meal not only keeps the waistline in check but also determines our craving, moods and performance for the day. For those of us who like being on top of our game, it seems like an easy step to better results. So why is it so hard?

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No excuses or reasons there were still  3 or 4 mornings that I would skip a meal. Not having breakfast became a routine. I’ve realized that the only way to avoid being a part of 56% is to make it a habit in the same way I make coffee or tea. Never would I miss a caffeine jolt in the morning. It turned out that making eggs took too much effort which is why I would postpone eating. I simply did not want to bother preparing a meal.


Rather than starting my morning with cooking I introduced iögo into my daily routine. Yogurt is a great source of protein as well as calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium and magnesium. It also has good bacteria which is great to boost immune system and promote a healthy digestive tract.  Best part it needs no preparation. While the coffee is brewing it gives me enough time to fill my bowl with yogurt, add some berries, honey and voila! I also like the new resealable pouches as the portions are not sized and it’s much more convenient especially for making smoothies. Not to fother the format is great for minimal fridge space as it takes up none. It’s a win, win. Lately to change things up I’ve been trying various breakfast recipes and  combinations of adding different kinds of fruit, or a touch of home made jam or even oatmeal. It’s easy, quick and nutritious! iögo pouches
For busy lives we need to easy solutions that work best for lifestyle. For me a daily breakfast  has greatly improved my energy levels and mood. While on the weekend I am more adventurous and willing to try new recipes. On  week days, breakfast should not be a source of stress but rather a quick solution and an essential part of the day. Regardless of what choice of meal works for you just be sure to not to miss it in the morning. To do your best you need to feel your very best also!

With Love…


*in collaboration with iögo. The views and opinions expressed are my own. 


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