Hello Darlings, As the winter seems to have absolutely no mercy on the East coast, the only positive of all this snow is a longer ski season. For all those slopes loving ski bunnies out there, this is the only form of conciliation that I can think of.

Blue Mountain Resort

I am sure that most of us would agree that snow during April is simply miserable! Now with the obvious aside let’s consider the following — despite not being able to control what mother nature decides to bring us, why not enjoy the moment. Yes, I am suggesting that we stop complaining and set our minds towards looking for the positive. How about that last weekend getaway for some good old Canadian winter fun?

Blue Mountain Resort

As March came around, I was too excited to head up North to my favorite nearby getaway spot, Blue Mountain. Since not every weekend a girl can hop on a plane for warmer lands, Blue has been my favorite weekend getaway from the city for many years now. Aside from being an avid skier with a seasons  pass that I enjoy with my dad but it is also the atmosphere that I love. I headed up for few nights with one of my close friends, Nisa to enjoy the best of what Canadian winter has to offer. With the weather we’re having, perhaps a weekend skiing is a great way to bid winter farewell.

Blue Mountain ResortBlue Mountain ResortBlue Mountain ResortBlue Mountain ResortBlue Mountain ResortBlue Mountain ResortBlue Mountain Resort

Upon our arrival at The Westin Triullium House and checking into our beautiful suite with a fireplace, kitchen and a balcony overlooking the entire resort, we were ready to kick off our girls trip. Over the past few years, The Westin has quickly become my favorite hotel to stay at the village. Aside from the beautiful grounds, their customer service is exceptional every single time. Plus, having the famed Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill downstairs just seals the deal. It’s essentially like having all of my favorite things in one place! Therefore, what more can a girl ask for than that type of convenience.Blue Mountain Resort

During our weekend getaway I enjoyed my advanced ski classes at the Snow School and worked on carving, while Nisa kicked back with a glass of wine at the hot tub or caught up on Netflix. In the evening, we spent most of the time in the village first with a dinner and then a night of fun at Rusty’s. The feeling of familiarity and yet constant excitement never seem to leave.

Blue Mountain Resort

It all depends on the company and entertainment you’re looking for. From family, friends or couples fun — Blue has got it covered which in itself is quite amazing! With a weekend of skiing, skating at the pond in the center of the village to wine by the fireplace and finally a Sunday at Scandinave Spa; Blue Mountain Resort never disappoints on a weekend of good old fun with those you love most!

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