Hello Darlings, We can’t live without it and men learn to avoid it — the handbag! The secret weapon of every woman and the gateway to her life, it is the one thing that we will never leave home without. It’s our lives first aid kit! Aside from the basics such as a wallet and a cell phone, a girl should always carry a well packed and organized purse. This brings me to the importance of what every lady’s purse should contain. After all, no girl wants to deal with unexpected situation unprepared.


1. Wet Naps

They will save you in any situation from coffee slips on your jeans to melted ice cream on your hands. Depending on your preference, I find that baby wet naps are the best choice.

2. Feminine products

Always a must! Regardless of which part of the cycle that you’re in, always always always have feminine products. Depending on your personal preference, you should have tampons and thin liners. You will be doing the entire womankind a huge service by being prepared. Plus with collections such as U by Kotex it is easy to stay discreet with fun packaging which keeps them unnoticeable. If you buy U by Kotex at Target in US, you will receive free Goody Hair elastic. Text KOTEX to TARGET (827438) to get your coupon!


3. Hair Elastics

A girl can never afford to have a bad hair day which is why having a ton of hair elastics will not only save your day but your friends. I am always giving away my Goody elastic which would explain why I carry a whole pack at all times. Just because you’re in the frizz zone does not mean that you should sacrifice on a fab-factor, just pull your hair back into a sleek pony or a pretty ballerina bun.

4. A notebook and pen

You never know when it might come in handy. Aside from constantly scribbling things down, it always comes in handy. So find a pretty Moleskin notebook and grab a pen or two.

5. Double-sided tape

Things happen however no girl wants to spend her day with a gaping blouse or undone hem situation. Double sided tape is a quick fix for everything.

6. Band Aids

Aside from heel disasters and paper cuts, this is a basic first aid item that you should always have. You just never know the next time your favorite pair of heels turns into torture device.


7. Tylenol

Never leave home without tylenol or any other type of painkiller. Nothing will ruin your day quite like a headache and cramps.

8. Gum or Mints

This one if obvious but you’d be surprised how many people just don’t have the breath situation under control. Especially when going out for a night and drinking bring seconds and thirds!

9. Sunglasses

During the day, they are your safest bet for hiding your lack of sleep. Every woman turns to her sunnies as a safety blanket when not feeling so fabulous.

10. Mad Money

Yes, you might have your wallet but always have a $50 tucked away somewhere deep down at the bottom of your purse. In case of your wallet being stolen or running low on cash, a little mad money always saves the day.


The mystery behind a woman’s love for purses isn’t that because they are beautiful, even though they are! It is all about the functionality and what’s inside it. After all, we do not lug around huge purses just because we feel like lifting weights but because the contents of it are of great importance.

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