Hello Darlings, In today’s world we all live a life of aspirations. One day we aspire to graduate on top of our class, to advancing in our starter jobs to purchasing our first place and for some starting their own business. Every single aspiration is unique to its pursuant however they all lie in the hope of tomorrow. The constant hunger and drive for bigger and better and with it the tomorrow. For me it all started with immigrating to Canada when I was 10 years old and learning English as fast as I could. Being able to belong was all that mattered to me in that moment.  My hope was for English to become as good as my mother tongue, however lets be honest it will never be my first language. In fact, 17 years later I still have a slight accent.

Marta Tryshak, Florida

Today’s aspiration is to lead my recently launched agency to success,  yet another goal and with it come aspirations. By always focusing on the future, there have been countless moments that I’ve missed in the present. It may sound cliche but being present is what turns aspirations into realized goals. This perhaps is the lesson I am starting to understand while I write this article from a beach house in Florida.

A week after launching TryMus Group Inc. and our publicist working tirelessly, I decided to pick up and join my parents for a week of sunshine. How dare I? Well, because a year leading up to that moment was lived in the hopes of the future. Every action taken and hour of sleep missed lead up to that day. date. So when the moment finally came I was drained and could not wait to “just get it over it with.” Not a fighting spirit and it’s only the beginning.


That’s the thing of living for tomorrow, the marathon eventually catches up to you.  So as my today came and I plowed through it, misery began to set it. It was starting to turn not into the moment of pride or excitement as it should but misery. Why? Because I could not see an end goal. I never took a moment to appreciate my own efforts or take a moment to feel happy. When I finished one task, I move to the next as so many of us do. This time I chose to step back and allow someone else take over while I watched from the sideline. For a type A, it was no each task.


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So I’ve realized that while some might not understand how I could pick up and leave, I know that in the long term it was one that was necessary for the business. While so many of us feel guilt for taking the time off, and when we finally do, then we feel even more guilt for being away. The vicious cycle of feeling guilty for not being productive. As I watched the waves crush at the shore, and I was midway through my book I’ve finally began to understand the importance of time off. For the first time in weeks, I’ve finally felt inspired enough to write. I felt like I had something to say and share.



For me it is my inability to write at time, for others in might be managing the work load or work and family balance. We all have our own guilt but we all also need some time to be in the present. It does not need to be a beach getaway but a cup of coffee with a paper in the morning without checking your emails. To be able to perform at your best, you need to set aside the future and concentrate on the  present moment.  In a day where we are praised for always busy, it is nice to sit back and have a free minute. No guilt in the world but just a moment to enjoy! Coming back to work, I’ve never felt more excited and ready to tackle a new journey. Every goal should be celebrated, and every effort deserves your recognition.

With Love…



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