Hello Darlings, Home sweet Home. Your new place is a blank canvas — finally, an opportunity to bring your style to life. But we know how daunting it is when your shopping list is simply “everything.”  Don’t fret, but rather enjoy the hunt with these shopping tips from Rebecca L. Olgeirson of ShopAtHome.com and soon you’ll love coming home to your very own sanctuary.

5 Tips for Taking Your Décor from Drab to Fab

Paint: The cheapest way to change your environment is with a gallon of paint and a good-quality roller. (Of course get your landlord’s approval first.) Test a few different shades on your wall before committing to a color, and in just a few hours you’ll have a fresh, new look that sets the stage for the rest of your design choices. In this case, why not splurge on high quality paint (we like Benjamin Moore – find coupons at ShopAtHome.com) since you’ll probably only need a gallon or two.

Think globally: Get more style bang for you buck by thinking globally and shopping locally for home accessories. Whether it’s colorful ceramics plucked from your local Asian market, vibrant textiles with an African sensibility or large-scale Mexican art, often these international goodies are cheaper — and bolder — than what you find at the mall.

Sew, staple or glue: Now is not the time to invest in wall coverings and throw pillows. Instead, channel your inner crafter and make what you can. Check out craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby for DIY ideas, too.

5 Tips for Taking Your Décor from Drab to Fab

Look for vintage furniture: There’s a time and place for inexpensive furniture from bargain retailers. But it’s important to balance that with solid, real-wood pieces that have a job to do — think bookshelves, sofas and dining tables. Look on Craigslist for beautiful pieces as a great price or just drive around the tonier parts of town on early Saturday mornings. You’ll find better quality hand-me-downs for a fraction of the price. No assembly required.

Cheap art: Your smartphone has 1,000 photos on it; there must be some good ones. Whether it’s printing out your favorite Instagram shots or collecting postcards from local art museums, art needn’t be expensive to make an impact. Enlarge and print your favorite photos and group with matching frames. (Or not.) Retailers always put their frames on sale, so keep your eyes open. If your budget allows, have high-impact items framed and matted professionally. Look for old posters or even fine (unused) wrapping paper from a local boutique. Cheap art framed professionally looks like you spent a fortune and will last for years.

5 Tips for Taking Your Décor from Drab to Fab

 Now enjoy the process and most importantly, have fun with it!

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