Hello Darlings, With a special occasion, comes the preparation which is part of the journey. Attending a fashion week is a different kind of anticipation, it is preparing to weather the stress of a non stop schedule. While many of us can relate to the dilemma, fashion week is an overdrive experience. September marking the official launch of spring/summer 2015 worldwide fashion weeks. I’d like to share some of my hardest learned lessons after surviving a number of fashion weeks. Now having attended New York, Miami, Toronto and Montreal fashion weeks, I feel like I’ve learned some of the key lessons on how to handle high pressure circumstance while rocking 5 inch heels, battling frizz or frost bite and still enjoying the moment.


So while not all of us are prepping to attend a fashion week, the lessons learned are valuable to any part of our lives. After all I promise that fashion week is an affair that is glamorous on images but quite difficult and at times unpleasant in real life. Don’t believe the hype, fashion is not always fabulous but rather in fact anything but when experienced backstage. Like a lot of things in life more often it really isn’t what it seems to be.

Miami Swim Week

Lesson 1:
Take the bitchattude with a grain of salt. In this world most people have entitlement issues or the need to be VIP. Egos are sensitive and the claws will come out – especially when seats are being stolen. Whenever dealing with a rude individual always keep your composure and avoid engaging in unnecessary conversation. Look for an emergency escape asap. Same in life, there’s no need to deal with a difficult individual just look for an exit strategy.

Lesson 2: Always stay professional. Despite attending number of parties and events, it is my job to not only engage but also to mind my behavior. Just because you’re at a party with an open bar it does not mean that you should have more than one drink. In any professional setting, an event is not a place to party and your co-workers are not your party buddies. Arrive on time and leave before most people do. Regardless of your peers behavior always put your best foot forward.

Marta Tryshak at Miami Swim Week

I AM WEARING: BCBG MAX AZRIA blouse // Talula Shorts // 3.1 Phillip Lim Kiara Sandals // Alexander Wang Rookie Satchel // Hermes Clic Clac Cuff 

Lessons 3: Get a steamer. This fashion week, my friend/ colleague brought a portable steamer with us to Miami. This little gadget saved our precious time, giving us the much needed extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning. I swear, a steamer at home is the best kind of an expense especially for those with early mornings.

Lesson 4: Models are not like the rest of us. In the world of fashion, models are everywhere and comparing yourself to them is asking for a really bad case of self issues. No matter what never compare yourself to a model. In comparison, a model always wins. Trust me, attending a swim week made me feel so guilty for having dessert at dinner that I just avoided it and had the worst urge to go to the gym. So unless you’re looking for a self loathing session, avoid comparison at all cost. The same goes for everyday, comparison is just a simple way of focusing on your shortcomings. Always focus on your strengths instead.


Lesson 5: Wake up 10 minutes earlier to style your hair. Looking good is part of the deal and that means that getting ready takes time. Therefore instead of rushing and running late, make the sacrifice and get up earlier. This is the case for every time you need to look your best, girl just get up!


While the nature of my work is anything but typical it is incredible how many life lessons I’ve learned along the way. This can especially be said for working with all types of personalities and individuals. Like every aspect in life every difficult situation presents an opportunity to shine and therefore should be welcomed. Fashion week are typically dramatic and require lots of patience and ego bruising. More often coming into this world, people are surprised by the stress and expectations that come with this lifestyle. Nothing in life comes easy and working in a stressful environment is exactly what builds our characters. It is best to get a backbone and just go for it, never let your fear stand in the way of what you want. So while fashion world may seem intimidating, don’t be afraid to chase your dream even when the ride gets tough.The most important part is to learn the right lessons along the way.

With Love…



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